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Aug 18, 2011 08:53 PM

Great food and casual dining in Pittsburgh (near the Point)

On the road again...........heading back to Pittsburgh. My son is starting school at Pitt, and we're driving him out to get moved in next weekend.

Any suggestions for a lively place (that college age guys could enjoy) that has really good food at moderate prices?

One of my sons who is coming along has never been to Pittsburgh, so I though it would be fun to go see the Point around sunset time, and then eat somewhere in that area.

We've eaten at Tessaros on Liberty Street (fabulous burgers!) the last few times we were there, and we loved it, but I would like to try a new place and perhaps enjoy being in the city at night.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!

Liberty Street Cafe
211 Liberty St Ste A, Warren, PA 16365

Tessaro's Restaurant
4601 Liberty Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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  1. If you are interested in the view at night, you should really try to get up to Mount Washington. It's only about 5 minutes and the view is spectacular! The restaurants can be pricey, but there are a couple of exceptions. The Georgetown Inn is very reasonable, esp for lunch and is next to the Duquesne incline. At the other end of Grandview Ave by the Mon incline is a place called the Shiloh Grill. While they don't have a view of the city, they do have an outdoor deck, and it's a nice inexpensive place for a meal.

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      Skip the georgetown not up to snuff. Near the point,, Six Penn, Meat and Potatoes. Go to the strip and try Kaya or Eleven if you are looking for fancy.

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        Thanks for all the great suggestions. We'll have to try them in subsequent visits.

        It took so long to get him moved in and settled (Southside, up on the hill -- great location, fabulous views!), that it got late and we ended up at a diner on Carson Street by the name of "Pennys" (used to be named "Toms" apparently); the food was very tasty -- so tasty, in fact, that we returned for breakfast the next morning before getting back on the road to Philly. They have a great steak ommlett, and one of my sons had the croissant french toast, Our waitress was lovely. Everyone was happy. The people are what we call "down-home friendly" in Pittsburgh. My son has been there five days now, and he loves it already. Great roommates, living situation, good people -- and great food all around! He has just five more days sans homework! Hail PItt!! :)

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          That is a great location for you son to be living in college years. Urge him to check out Fat Heads in S South..Some of the best Sandwiches and beers in the city ..

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            I'll tell him about Fat Heads; he's a sandwicch affectionado! He worked at Primos in Malvern PA this past year and I highly recommend their food (he enjoyed his share and knows he'll miss their sandwiches).

            Primos offer high quality meats & cheeses in their interesting sandwiches -- as well as fabulous rolls; they are known for good bread. They are a little more expensive than the usual sandwich shop, but what you get in quality is well worth it.

            He is hoping to find a place to work in Pittsburgh similar to Primos.

      2. Not far from the Point is Penn Avenue Fish Market, which is the best fish restaurant in town. I guess it's usually lively. It's not a formal atmosphere, in any case.

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          OH yea, heard that Penn Av fish is good.

        2. Penn Ave Fish is good and walkable, although several blocks. NoLA (cajun/creole) and Wingharts (great burgers, really) are in Market Square, easily walkable from the point.