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Aug 18, 2011 08:27 PM

what to do with leftover tomato juice

I have about 20 oz of tomato juice drained from a can of diced tomatoes and I'm not sure what to do with it. Would it make a decent Bloody Mary? Should I add it to a vegetable soup? Or...?

Any and all suggestions welcomed. Thanks!

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  1. Good for you for not throwing it away!

    It might be too thin for a Bloody Mary but it would go great in soups or stews or any dish where tomato flavor is appropriate. In glass or plastic it'll keep in the fridge for days if not weeks, or you could freeze it in an ice cube tray and have little tomato juice cubes to add a bit of flavor whenever you need it.

    I never understand recipes where they tell you to drain and discard the juice. I always add it to the recipe and reduce it down.

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      make it the base for a gazpacho: finely dice a cucumber, a tomato and a few scallions. put a chopped pepper (green or red) into food processor with a small chopped onion, some parsley, some basil (dill or tarragon will do if you have any), a tablespoon or so of wine vinegar, 2 teaspoons of honey, the juice of a lime. Add your tomato juice and blend. Add the cucumber, tomato and scallions to the "soup" in the food processor. Chill, and top with a squirt of sciracha when you serve (I don't put it in the soup because it sours it over time, but I love it on the bowl when I serve).

    2. Excellent broth for stuffed peppers to cook in or to braise stuffed cabbage. Just doctor up the broth with some seasonings.

      1. use it as the liquid to cook rice. Then embellish to make a mexican-spanish style rice. My kids love when I saute up some peppers, onions, corn - add the tomato juice cooked rice to pan, squeeze of lime, some chopped cilantro. Yum.

        1. Add bottled clam broth and vodka for a wicked good Downeastah!

          1. Use it to deglaze the pot after searing meat for a stew.