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Aug 18, 2011 05:58 PM

Bell Boulevard Bakery Bonanza

I've really been enjoying the dark chocolate-enrobed cake balls at the three month old Teaspoon Bake Shop. So far I've had the chocolate, red velvet, and banana. All are moist and decadent. The glueten free coconut lime macaroon is also fantastic as are the scones and peanutbutter and Jelly filled vanilla upcakes. That they serve Stumptown coffee only makes it better. A definite welcome addition to the 'nabe.

36-41 Bell Boulevard, Bayside, NY 11361 ยท 718-224-4626

Cupcakes in Heels further down on Bell, closer to Northern is only about 3 weeks old. All of the cupcakes have designer names: the Prada, Laboutin, Cartier, versace etc. Thursday night is LADIES NIGHT 8-11pm. If you come in wearing couture- Manolo, Versace, Louboutin, Prada, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Hermes, Tiffany, Cartier or David Yurman, you get a FREE cupcake with any purchase. The cupcakes are not Crumb-like mostrosities, but rather medium-sized and all have frosting piped into them so you get some frosting with every bite. The pistcachio-flavored Prada is my favorite. Very tender with a pale green frosting that, in a good way, reminds me of the instant pistacchio pudding that I loved a a child. It works. They had been offering a free cup of Illy coffee with each purchase the first week. And their made to order cakes look outrageous.

43-19 Bell Blvd, Bayside, NY 11364

Happy Eating~~~

Teaspoon Bake Shop
36-41 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361

Cupcakes in Heels
43-19 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361

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  1. thanks for posting about these, am in that area on fridays starting in a couple weeks, and definitely check them out for some treats for my kid....

    1. Ditto re:chocolate "balls". The wife loves,loves them. All are made on premises according to sign. The food desert that is Bayside seems to be getting some much needed rain i.e. Mekong East, Avli, Teaspoon.

      38-31 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361

      Mekong East
      43-13 Bell Blvd, Queens, NY 11361