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Aug 18, 2011 05:54 PM

Best Glatt, Teaneck

Really like this supermarket! Good and growing selection, reasonably priced meat and even though we havent tried anything yet- their prepared food looks delicious, especially the big fresh cut shabbos salad bowls.

The Israeli owner is also really nice- he gave my son a treat when we walked in, and everyone there seems nice and helpful. Finally a really good alternative to Glatt Express.

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  1. Their butcher department is really nice as well. The owner will make any custom cuts you need. Its refreshing to go to a store a nd actually talk to the butcher , as opposed to the anonymous self serve meat and chicken aisles that exist in the large supermarkets .

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      Could not agree with you more. I was looking for a specific cut and trying to describe it to the butcher. Instead of getting it wrong he walked out of the back with almost a 1/4 of a cow and told me to show him which piece I want.

      This place is far and away better than any kosher supermarket in the area.