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Aug 18, 2011 05:05 PM

Tek-Nique - Bedford

Anyone been here yet? I can't find a website, and only a couple of yelp reviews.

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  1. Sorry haven't been, so can't help you there. But Ido have this bookmarked:

    Not a great website, but enough to give you an idea of what is offered.

    1. I've been there and this place was Great!...I also just recently went to Copper Door in Bedford and it was Horrible at any cost. But you can't go wrong with tek-nique

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        What was good at Tek Nique? Can you describe some menu items you enjoyed? I looked at the Copper Door menu and it looks fairly generic--kinda like a high-end chain restaurant in Orlando.

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          Whs, the Yelp reviews on Copper Door are really worth a read. None are very good and there's quite a theme throughout...people not happy with the attempt at a fancier environment, higher prices, but lower quality and quantity. I know it's typical to see that gripe about quantity, but even around here people are accepting of higher prices when the quality reflects the cost.

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            I had Brunch...Everything my family and I ordered we enjoyed. The French toast, pancake, omelet, seriously everything was very good.

        2. I just looked to see if this was Bedford, NH or MA (it's NH) and found their website.

          1. Went to Tek nique last week with another couple.

            Beautiful room(s), very comfortable..fills up fast and gets loud, though started off with a whisper
            Menu is supposed to be farm to table, though didnt see a lot of farm/local mentioned, if at all. I guess we have to take their word for it. A nice touch is to see farms mentioned, but maybe thats just me..anywho..

            Waitress was pro--even though training another girl, she was spot on early and mid way through service. Her name was Pam. I would ask for her, as she explained probably everything on the menu with the utmost detail and with ease. Drinks were well priced and surprisingly not in the upper echelon $$$.
            Appetizers and salads are very strong, focusing on local/seasonal and presented beautifully. If you get a chance try the winter veg/brussel sprout salad w/blue cheese. Amazing.

            Entrees were all pretty much spot on, and the prices werent out there. I didnt notice one entree over 32.00, and all apps were listed under 10, for the high end. most entrees rolled in about 20-24 on average. I had the veal 2 ways, and one way, like a slow cooked roast, was incredibly fatty, otherwise was well prepared. The scallop dish at the table was lacking a bit more on the plate, not in the scallop dept, but in maybe a starch. The plate was pretty bareboned and was the only complaint I heard at the table. The fresh bread/soup was great. The service got a bit scattered late, but the place was FULL. Reservations highly recommended. Will probably try the brunch sometime, as well as sit in the bar to eat next time.

            I dont care for the communal coat thing, and ended up taking 15/20 minutes to find my coat at the end, standing in a horde of wait list people. Annoying and not my thing, but also didnt want to sit on my coat/no hooks near table. I almost thought it was gone w./cellphone and some other personal belongings. Seriously. I'm not sure how to improve this part of it, but something I had never experienced at a restaurant.

            1. I ate at Tek-nique with my family this weekend, and I wanted to post because it was really very good--I hadn't heard much word of mouth, so I was pleasantly surprised. I started with a foie gras flan that was incredibly light, and then had a perfectly cooked fluke filet with Israeli couscous, followed by a plum galette, and all of it was delicious. I also had the best cocktail I've had in a New Hampshire restaurant, a subtly-flavored basil-lime-vodka drink. Everyone else enjoyed their food also: my husband's main course was a braised rabbit with restaurant-made strozzapreti, and my sons both had mussels followed by lamb steaks. It's easily one of the best restaurants in this area, and we'll be back.