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Aug 18, 2011 04:50 PM

Help! My clam dip is boring.

I made clam dip and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator. I hate to say this but it's dull. It needs something to punch it up.

This is what I put in it (measurements are approximate):
6 oz. canned clams
6 oz cream cheese
2T each of sour cream and mayo
2T minced shallot
2T parsley
quite a few dashes of Worcestershire sauce
few dashes of Crystal hot sauce
garlic powder
Old Bay seasoning
lemon juice
clam juice to thin it out

It doesn't taste like much more than cream cheese/sour cream. Anything else I could add to make it more interesting?

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  1. If you have more clams, add them. Maybe something for some crunch--jimica, celery. How about some fresh garlic, more parsley, black pepper, some lemon zest and more juice. The three white ingredients tend to overpower the rest so ramp it up and make sure there's enough salt. Oh, scallions could be great and horseradish could give it a kick!

    1. finely chopped red pepper & more clam is my suggestion.

      1. Maybe smoked salmon and/or smoked oysters or mussels in addition to or instead of the clams? Substitute Tabasco for the Crystal, and add a lot of it? Add a couple of cloves of roasted or even raw garlic?

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          The dip's already made so can't take anything out.

          1. re: escondido123

            Pretty obviously substitutions are for next time and additions are for this time;-).

        2. The best hot clam dip I know has minced onion and the zip of horseradish in it.

          1. Anchovy paste. Not much - try half a teaspoon, increase by smidgens. You don't want to taste it, you just want it to bump the seafood flavor, which it will. Things that I used to put Worcestershire sauce in routinely now get this instead; anchovies are a major component of the sauce, but a lot of things don't need the tamarind or other flavors. Almost any savory dish can be usefully bumped with a squirt of anchovy paste; it's killer in beef gravy.