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Aug 18, 2011 04:35 PM

Wong's In Garden Grove R.I.P.

A few days ago, I pulled up in front of Wong's in anticipation of savoring the "Old School"
Cantonese fare that they do so well. I got out of the car, walked toward the door and noticed
a sign in the window that filled me with dread and despair: "Change of Ownership". What??

I questioned the waitress and was told that a Vietnamese group had bought the business and would be
opened under the name "Spicy Crab". I talked to Mr. Wong a little later, and he wasn't sure if the new owners would keep the same menu or staff. I am doubtful that the entire menu or even part will remain the same.

Hundreds of loyal Wong's customers will be very sad this summer.


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  1. Is it already closed? If not, when is the closing date, if you know?

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    1. The original comment has been removed
      1. Good News! The new owners of Wong's/Spicy Claw have made a brilliant move. The East
        dining room is dedicated to the "Spicy Claw" menu (Crab, Crawfish, etc.) complete with butcher paper on the tables, and a dedicated menu. The (original) West room remains as it always was
        with the red naugahyde booths and the old school Cantonese menu.

        I dined there a few weeks ago and the old menu looked and tasted exactly the same.