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Aug 18, 2011 04:18 PM

Any thoughts on these two restaurants??

We will be in BCN 25-28 November. We are not big on "fine dining" but do like to eat local style meals. We also are partial to seafood of all sorts. Have had some recommendations on these two places:

We are staying iin the Gothic Quarter .



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  1. La Paradeta is moderately priced seafood place (not meat or poultry). it is semi-service: line up at the seafood display counter, choose your seafood and tell them which method you want it cooked, pick the sauces and beverage. It is no frill, fun and lively; definitely not fine dining. I like the branch at El Born better than the one on the Eixample.

    Aqua is part of Grupo Tragaluz that runs all sorts of restaurants, from tapas to fine dining. I have not been to Aqua but they are usually well run with good food. For me, there are too many other places with better value in Barcelona.

    La Paradeta El Born is not far from the Gotic. Aqua is near the beach. I don't know if you looking for places nearby or? Central Barcelona is compact, therefore, don't restrict oneself to a single area.