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Aug 18, 2011 03:47 PM

brisket hors d'oeuvres ideas?

Thinking of serving some sort of passed brisket app for my hubby's birthday party, but haven't come up with a winner yet. Any ideas? We're going with a sort of Texas theme so other menu items include devilled eggs, grilled jalapeno poppers, southern caviar (bean salad/dip thing) with chips, tres leches cake, and Mexican chocolate cake pops.

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  1. Sliced brisket in cocktail rye. Makes nice, little sandwiches you can make ahead or have the mustard, mayo, sliced brisket and rye out for "make your own".
    The 7 layer dip is always a favorite.
    Flank steak strips cooked with onions, topped with cheese in small tortillas.
    Your don't say how many you are having so some of this may be too much for a huge crowd.

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      Thanks! Should be about 40 adults, no kids.

    2. Hmmm... For a passed app, which means people will be standing and holding a plate in one hand and eating with the other, I'd be concerned that cocktail rye might be too firm and/or stale. It always is when I see it, and might fall apart, or the Brisket will squirt out one side when they bite the other. I'd look for those little soft dinner rolls that are like slider buns, about 2" square. I'd cook the Brisket to the pulling stage and sauce it and make little sliders with coleslaw and pass them.

      Your other apps sound great and I'd use Brisket in those too. Deviled eggs with Brisket instead of the yolks... Jalapeno poppers stuffed with Brisket.... Can you tell I love Brisket?