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Aug 18, 2011 02:28 PM

ISO Sauce for low country boil

I'm making a low country boil tonight and wonder if anyone makes something besides cocktail sauce to go on the side. A friend who makes the dish quite often makes a mixture of datil pepper sauce, ketchup and mayo, but it just tastes like spicy thousand island dressing to me. Is there anything else?
Or should I just go with my usual melted butter with a little Old Bay added

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  1. You could consider remoulade in addition to cocktail sauce and butter

    1. I'm a little embarrassed every time I make this, because the sauce is just tarted up mayo, but it really is good.

      Basically, it's just a Tbls of grated ginger blended up w/ a cup of mayo. (Dukes, naturally) would have to figure out how much to add of the various components of the marinade from the other part of the recipe.