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Aug 18, 2011 01:43 PM

Two New Bricktown Restaurants opening......?..

I was just riding along rt 70 in Brick and noticed two new Restaurants opening soon...

1- Rt70 & Rt88 in the strip mall across from the new Brick Diner is a new place called "25" Burgers opening soon...

2- Rt70 and Cedarbridge rd near kinkos..'OFORNOS" looks like another brick oven Pizza joint opening soon also...

anyone have any info yet?....

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  1. 25 burgers has been opened about 3 months already. 25 different types of burgers,angus beef, chicken, bison, turkey, crab, loads of different toppings. they have hot dogs and shakes as well. all the burgers i have had have been excellent.

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      dasoccerguy07 great to hear....I must stop in sometime soon.....!!

    2. I'm more excited to hear about the new Trader Joe's (with wine!) that is going in near Costco on 70 next year.

      Trader Joe's
      725 River Road, Edgewater, NJ