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Aug 18, 2011 12:57 PM

Need light dinner idea-do ahead

Hubby is traveling and will be home later tomorrow night. He is going to need dinner when he gets home. I need some ideas on a lighter meal that I can do ahead and it will be ready to serve when he gets home. I know I can always count on you chowhounds for great ideas! Thanks!!

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  1. Nice frittata and a salad?

    1. Cesar salad with a chicken breast
      Shrimp salad or shrimp salad sandwich
      tomato stuffed with shrimp,or tuna, chicken salad
      pasta salad with veggies and favorite meat cut up in it

      1. How about a nice oven baked French Toast made with Brioche? Perhaps a nice salad with a grilled (marinated) chicken breast? Or even a nice cold lentil salad? (this one is a fav:

        1. BLT-Tomatoes are so good now! It can be all set to go with just "some assembly needed". If you need more, a green salad or fruit and cheese.

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            Hi Gail. You are a woman after my own heart! A couple hours ago I decided that BLT's would be wonderful! I decided to get on here to reveal my revelation and there you were! Shouldn't need anything else with a good layering of tomatoes and lettuce along with the bacon. I am excited as we only have this once a year, when the tomatoes are good! This will be a treat at 9:30 or 10:00 tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone for your great suggestions! Much appreciated!!!

            1. re: Rheta

              Perfect! Enjoy!
              Easy and a fav in our home, even for a breakfast treat. I often thinly slice avocado on them, just to add a few more calories.