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Aug 18, 2011 12:01 PM

Party food count


I am catering Indian food for my kids birthday. I have generally seen food getting wasted hence don't want to over order. There are 58 people coming plus 20 odd kids less than 4 yr olds
We are thinking of ordering for 50 people.
Please let me know if you think this is enough or how much I should order?

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  1. It depends. Are you planning on serving a meal, or just having some food for people to snack on? Ordering food for 50 for 58 adults plus 20 kids doesn't seem like enough to me. I would order food for 60, and maybe some extras of appetizers and other kid friendly items.

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      Hi, I finally did it. We had a great time. I ordered for 54 people, 7 items i.e. gobi manchurian(appetiser), malai kofta, mutter paneer, veg pulav, kadhai chicken, chapathis, raita. For dessert, we had cake. We also had watermelon(freshly cut) which was a hit with everyone. Plus small fruit drinks for kids, cheetos and lays chips. Food was perfect, nothing was wasted. watermelon, cheetos cake all got over. Only lays few packets were over. We still had very little gravy items remaining which we discarded. So I believe if you have munchies etc, one shouldnt order too much per person food. Definately not more than the adult count, this am saying on basis of seeing other parties.

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        I totally agree with you. Caterers often urge people to order more than they really need, and there's a lot of waste that you have to pay for. This is especially true when it comes to cakes. Walk into any bakery and look at the cakes that say they serve 8-10 people. You will easily serve at least 12 adults, often with a leftover piece or two.