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Aug 18, 2011 11:07 AM

fridge? counter? where to store a pie overnight?

I'm baking a lemon tart this evening, for a dinner party tomorrow night. Since I usually make this on the day I'm serving it, and there are never leftovers, this question of storing it hasn't come up before. Do I just cover it and leave it at room temp overnight? or is it best to refrigerate it?


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  1. Does it have any sort of meringue or cream cheese or whipped cream topping on it? I would refrigerate it for sure.
    Actually, regardless of topping, I would cover it loosely and refrigerate, but bring to near room temperature before serving.

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    1. re: blue room

      No topping - just a lemon curd in a pâte sucrée.

    2. Wrap it in parchment paper to prevent moisture accumulating and keep it on the counter if it's not too warm out. Maybe leave it on a cooling rack to prevent a soggy bottom.

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      1. re: BananasFoster

        Thanks, BF. That was the answer I was hoping for, since there will be no available real estate in the fridge tomorrow night! We'll be in the Poconos, so I'm not too worried about it being too warm. Besides, that's what A/C was invited for: to keep my baked goods fresh at (cool) room temp.

        blue room: do you concur?

      2. I'd refrigerate because of the eggs in the curd. If a fruit pie I would cover with a kitchen cloth and leave out.

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        1. re: luciaannek

          But the eggs are cooked, like the cream and the (half-pound or close to it!) of butter. Does that make a difference?
          Now I'm confused.
          And anxious.

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            I've read that lemon curd is okay to keep out at room temperature despite the eggs because of the acidity in the lemon (lemon or lime) and the sugar since both are preservatives. It should be perfectly safe for a day or two. @Deenso I can try to find the references but I've seen this in several places (reliable sources). I believe it's an option as filling for fondant cakes as well since those can't be refrigerated.

            1. re: lilgi

              Thanks, lilgi - I don't need references. I'm definitely going with "counter," not "fridge."

          2. Ditto BananasFoster, even with the butter, eggs, etc.

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            1. re: odkaty

              Okay - I'm going with the consensus, even if it IS a consensus of only two opposed to one. Mostly because it was the answer I wanted. You can always find a way to skew poll results in whatever direction you like, it seems.


            2. I keep lemon tarts on the counter until they are finished. They taste better, and so far, no ill effects. I keep most pies on the counter because I think they taste better if they are not refrigerated. The exception would be cream pies, or pies with cream topping of any sort.