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Aug 18, 2011 10:46 AM

Bowery - anybody been?

Hi all - am thinking of going to Bowery this weekend - has anybody else been? If so, what was your experience like?

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  1. Curious about this place too -- it had some reasonably okay reviews in some of the weeklies a while back but I never heard anything more. Please report back after your visit and let us know!

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      So, wifey and I went to the Bowery this past weekend. Overall, was very impressed with everything - atmosphere, service and of course the food.

      My first impression was that the place looked a little more casual than I had expected/hoped (this was an anniversary dinner for us). The music added to this impression as it was kind of hard rock - more what you would expect at a bar than a fine dining place. We were seated at a table by the open windows, which actually was really pleasant as weather was cool and a slightly breezy.

      Didn't see anything we liked on the appetizers - however pizzas looked very appealing. Asked to have the 'Green pizza' as an appetizer - and we very impressed. Just the right level of crispiness to the crust and excellent toppings (unfortunately can't remember everything but included lemon, artichokes, mint, and goat cheese amongst others).

      For mains, I had lamb chops and wife had steak - both were grilled on the hardwood stove which by the way sends out a very slight but very pleasant aroma around the restaurant (the kitchen is open to one half of the dining room). My lamb chops were done perfectly as requested (medium) and extremely delicious. Wife's steak was served with some sort of butter sauce, which again tasted great (however I would recommend not getting it well done as it made it tougher than it should have been). As a side we got grilled zuchini in some kind of a mint/raisin sauce - again very good. For what its worth, the table beside us was raving about the salad appetizer and the whole-grilled fish (sea bass) they had ordered too.

      We got desserts but I woulnd't recommend them - they were nothing special other than the interesting ice cream pairings they came with (sweet corn and carrot cake for our two desserts).

      Service was prompt and very friendly. Even volunteered to take pictures for us as we had our camera out.

      Overall would definitely recommend The Bowery - I know I'll be going back to try some of their other dishes.

    2. The Bowery atmosphere is wonderful, great decor, has a buzz about it, music, chandeliers, exposed brick... really friendly staff. However the food was VERY disappointing for the price and I wouldn't eat their again but would go for after work cocktails.

      2 of my table ordered the burgers which were overcooked and bland - for $15 you do expect more. They ordered a la carte their wedge salad which was literally a stand alone cut out wedge from iceberg lettuce with a dressing that had potential but needed salt, pepper and lemon to bring out any flavour. Seemed a bit bizarre to charge $8 for this. I don't EVER mind paying for quality but this was a bit ridiculous. 2 others shared the gnocchi with st agur - which was fine, nothing that deserved a price tag of $23 and the Branzino fish. Cooked nicely, well flavoured. Too bad about the ice cold sun blushed tomatoes. And lastly - you cannot get one bottle of red wine for less than $50... seriously for a place that is mostly a bar that's just silly...

      1. Ordered the octopus $15 app at the advice of the bartender. What a disappointment! Worst octopus I've ever eaten. Hard, tasteless, with weird-tasting "squid ink aioli" which tasted nothing like aioli. The best part was the delicious fried polenta sticks on the side.