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Aug 18, 2011 10:11 AM

Sang on Wheels -- Potential Food-truck winner

I much enjoy trying out the many local food trucks, but although I've had some success at a few lately -- Feeling Crabby and Tasty Kabob, in particular -- I think most are not remotely worth the money and certainly not a long wait (e.g., Red Hook). The other day was another example of this -- EatWonky's poutine, which I'd been eager to try, was a gloppy mess, almost inedible. But then I tripped upon Sang on Wheels -- run by a Laotian haircutter, of all things! Not much on her menu, but the two things I tried -- something she calls "Drunken Noodles" (but it's not like the standard-issue Thai offering ), and "egg rolls" -- were really very good, and had much more homestyle, idiosyncratic character than almost anything in trucks 'round here. Not anything as special as the Laotian menu at Bangkok Golden, mind you -- this is a food truck, after all -- but it showed real promise. Or at the very least, it made me eager to return to try other Laotian items. (The chef said she offers different things off and on; but it sounded somewhat haphazard -- let's encourage her to cook up the real stuff!)

Anyone else tried it? What are her best dishes?

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  1. Her meat on a stick is very good. But she isn't out on a regular schedule.

    1. Have hit Sang on Wheels a couple of times now and this is one of my favorite trucks (like you, along with Feelin' Crabby) It's always been the drunken noodles served with meatballs-of-the-day on a stick (varies between lamb, beef and pork). A pretty good portion for $8. Not sure if she is ever serving any different dishes on other days.

        1. re: Steve

          Over at Union Station. Food Truck Fiesta often lists where they are at.

          1. re: Steve

            Steve: Important to emphasize that this is *not* a destination spot, or anything like Bangkok Garden; but if she's in your nabe . . .

            Bangkok Garden
            5810 Robert Oliver Pl, Columbia, MD 21045

            1. re: Marty L.

              I found her at Franklin Sq. Her truck is much humbler looking than many of the trucks with very cool paint jobs, but the food is right up there with the best of the trucks.

          2. Yes, a winner. Drunken noodles topped with meatballs, plus the rolls. Great meal.

            1. Marty, I'll look for Sang on Wheels if she rolls over here to Penn Quarter. Meanwhile, any other food truck recommendations? I like the Mojo truck, myself, and Tasty Kabob, although not Feelin' Crabby.