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Aug 18, 2011 10:00 AM

Sugar Babies

I'm looking for Sugar Babies with hashgacha that can be purchased somewhere on the UWS. Any suggestions? I've seriously been checking packages for ages, since it was announced that Sugar Babies would become kosher, and have not met with any success. Please help! Thanks!!

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  1. I keep checking in Chicago to no avail. Same with Charms Pops. However, I was able to find Halloween bags of assorted Dubble Bubble bubble gum at Walmart in Niles, IL.

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      Thanks so much. Halloween candies give me renewed hope! I did not even consider that Halloween would be a potential source of new candy on shelves. Very exciting. In general though NYC supermarkets never have this kind of stuff. I usually need my in laws or parents in the midwest and south to get it for me.