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Aug 18, 2011 08:02 AM

Fresh juice/juice bar

Hello hounds,

I am looking for both places to go to get fresh juices, as well as recommendations of what to get at each place. I know the Wedge has a juice bar. I have admittedly not tried anything beyond the basic carrot, but I have been craving something more hearty. There must be more places in MSP that also serve fresh juices. I think maybe Seward Coop has a juice bar- I don't even know since this is fairly new to me. Open to funky blends, etc and more looking for flavor and fresh rather than supplement or other medicinal qualities.


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  1. I don't know for sure but the place that comes to mind for me is Tao Natural Foods in Uptown. Get a Tempeh Sandwich while you are there. absolutely delicious.

    1. You can get fresh, custom-made juices at the Seward Coop and both Mississippi Market coops.

      1. The Good Earth (Galleria Mall, Edina) has wonderful fresh juice- the Watermelon Wahoo is delicious and refreshing. I have also heard that at Whole Foods in Uptown you can bring your fresh fruit you've purchased at the store to the Jamba Juice inside and have them juice it for you.

        Good Earth Restaurant
        3460 Galleria, Edina, MN 55435

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          Thanks Hazel! I will have to try the Watermelon Wahoo the next time I'm in the area. And a cool tidbit about the Whole Foods, esp since I do not have a juicer (this must be apparent). I have since tried a carrot orange ginger at The Wedge. Not all that adventurous, but it was VERY strong with ginger. It was making my stomach boil. So I think ginger might be a little strong for my tatses as a juiced addition. I am also hoping to make it to Tao and give their combinations a try.