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Aug 18, 2011 07:55 AM

H Mart type stores near Newton

I am not from the Boston area but will be visiting soon. Can anyone direct me to an Asian market in the Newton area. Primarily interested in produce. TIA

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  1. Will you have a car? There's an actual H Mart in Burlington, 9 miles away.

    1. Russo's in Watertown has an excellent selection of Asian veggies. There are many other Asian markets but further in to town in either Brighton or Chinatown.

      Probably the best Asian veggies I have ever eaten in my life are grown by some of the Hmong farmers that show up at local farmer's markets.

      They attend the following markets (though they are not listed on either site) on the following days, but perhaps others can chime in and add others. I tried googling to no avail.

      Arlington: Wednesday

      Belmont: Thursday

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            Just to comment a bit further, the sheer quality of their produce has to be seen to believed. They veggies are so well cared for, so fresh, and so alive, they look like they are jumping out of the stand.

            I had their pea tendrils last night for dinner $4 for a HUGE bunch.

            They had 4 small heads of mixed lettuce for $3 last week.

            Bitter melon, squash blossoms, dill, various greens, string beans, mustard greens, amaranth, etc etc.

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              They are at Waltham Farmers market on Saturdays 9:30-2ish

              Otherwise, Russo's in Watertown is the next best thing. They almost always have several types of bok choy, also chinese broccoli, yu choy. These days they have water spinach, and chinese mustard greens. There's also bitter melon, Chinese eggplant, several brands of tofu, dumpling skins, miso, and your usual Asian condiments/sauces.

              In Waltham center, there's a small Korean convenient store where you can get some fresh veggies, the soft tofu for soondobu, lots of pickled veggies, and other frozen packaged Korean foods.

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                Although the selection and quality varies, the Indian grocery stores on Moody st. in Waltham may be worth checking out as well. Usually cheaper than the farmer's markets, grocery stores, and Russo's/Wilson's.

              2. re: StriperGuy

                I wish they would come to Copley or Dewey Square.

              3. Thanks for all the responses. I will have a car and will check out the Newton mkt on Tues.

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                  Cool, looks like they do do the Tues Newton Market.


                  That is one of the best. Keep an eye out for the wild mushroom folks as well.