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Aug 18, 2011 07:49 AM

Trader Joe's

The business section of the San Antonio Express News, today, blares that Trader Joe's may
be coming to SA, specifically to the "Alamo Quarryr". No one will confirm , but if true I will be one happy shopper. Having lived near Seattle, where I found TJ's, I've longed for one close to me. There has long been speculation that Dallas might get a TJ's, but this is the first I've heard about San Antonio being in the running.

Bring it on!!

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  1. Express News just mentioned yesterday that TJ's is coming to SA...thought I heard it might be in the Quarry....don't know for sure. I have never shopped there...just hoping it will be something different from all the HEB stores...they definitely have a "corner" in the food business & it will be good for them to have some competition....

    1. It's official. TJ's is coming the Quarry this year.

      1. Everybody in San Antonio is so excited for TJ's! I will (mostly) hold my tongue but will be watching to see how it goes. I lived for about 10 years in Southern California and shopped at Trader Joe's for the first 2 years or so but then stopped. I got annoyed with the lack of consistency. In my opinion, you have to pick through a lot of mediocre stuff to find the one or 2 interesting items they might have for a good price that week. Most of the chocolate and almost all of the wine is blech.

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        1. re: San Antonio Sam

          OK, I am just wondering what all this hoopla is about TJ's...somebody please tell me. What will motivate you to go there? Will you make the effort to travel some miles to get there on a regular basis?

          What should I make it a point to buy?

          1. re: cstout

            Well . . people rave about 2 Buck Chuck . .although I personally find it overpriced by about 2 bucks. (budum-ching!).

            1. re: San Antonio Sam

              Is this just another grocery chain or do they have gourmet or health food isles?

              1. re: cstout

                I'm sorry - I didn't realize you were asking a serious question. Trader Joe's is sort of like the Marshall's of Gourmet/Grocery Stores.

                The basic model is that Trader Joe's looks around for gourmet type items that manufactures can't sell (or can't sell quickly enough). They make a bargain price offer, repackage the items as "Trader Joe's" brand and then pass the savings on to their customers.

                So one day you might find Kona Coffee for $10 a pound .. but you might never see it again.

                When it works as it should, you get interesting gourmet items for cheap.

                The reason it wore off on me is that it didn't seem to work as it should often enough. That is, I found the items I was looking for were not in stock or the items were of too low a quality too much of the time.

                One product that TJ's is famous for is a wine they call 2 Buck Chuck. 2 Buck Chuck is nothing more than bulk wine from the Bronco Wine company. Stuff that would probably be made into vinegar or distilled into alcohol if not for Trader Joes.

                1. re: San Antonio Sam

                  No need to apologize.. there is nothing to apologize about at all!!

                  Your detailed information helped immensly...know what to expect & not expect now.

                  Ha Ha....I thought 2 Buck Chuck was really 2 buck chuck (meat)...good thing you explained that one!

                  I shall go in peace now....thanks

                  1. re: cstout

                    Trader Joe's is a fun place to shop, I love the packaging. I think the 2 buck chuck is now 3 bucks.

                    1. re: bronwen

                      Well, you can bet I shall be there to see what it's all going to wait a couple of weeks since I know there will be a big rush to get in there...of course I will look for the buck chuck.

                      Hope they will have a wine called Tree of Life pomegranate is a collection...dry, semi-sweet & sweet, I believe. My boss served some & gave me a bottle of the semi-sweet...have not opened it yet. No one in the big city of San Antonio carries this wine as far as I know...this came from Austin. Don't know the cost of it, but if you see it, be sure and get some..I think she said it under 10 dollars a bottle. 100% pure pomegranate...can't go wrong with that!!

                      Anyway, I am looking for some fun in a grocery store for a change...don't really know what that is!!!