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Aug 18, 2011 05:51 AM


Every year we go up to the husbands' family camp in Maine and the yard is full of blackberries. I like to pick them and eat them plain but his family believes they must go in a pie or pancakes. I try to come up with other ideas because my MIL is the queen of pies and I can't compete with that! :) I have a great food mill for removing seeds.

I am looking for new ideas. I have made quick jams, jelled soft candy, muffins and the husband makes a great cocktail. Any other ideas?

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    1. re: arashall

      I've done that, subbing into a basic strawberry recipe- came out great. You do want to strain out the seeds, and the flavor, especially if you're using wild berries, is much more assertive than most berries.

    2. I know you said gelled soft candy - pates de fruits, I hope. If not, do it! They are so gem-like and delicious. I always order frozen puree from the internet, but I bet they'd be super with fresh, as long as you get the sugar concentration correct.

      1. If you can bring them home freeze them, then in winter when you're craving a taste of summer, voila!

        1. Sorbets or granitas? Or ship them over to me in London :)

          1. If your husband likes to make cocktails, why not infuse some vodka or light rum with the berries? With good fresh fruit like that, all you'd really need to do is put a pint or so in the liquid, leave it for two weeks, and strain it back into the bottle. It's simple and should leave you with some tasty mojitos or blackberry vodka martinis (or whatever you prefer for Labor Day).