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Aug 18, 2011 05:41 AM

Chow Sleuths -- Help me remember the name of a Munich restaurant

I went to an amazing spot three years ago. It was in a quiet neighborhood, a decent walk from the nearest subway. I remember there was an outdoor area, gravel, with chestnut trees overhead. The food was awesome. I had a pork chop, with crispy onions, they have the typical schnitzel, roasted potatoes. I've attached a couple pictures.

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  1. you've pretty much described every single German restaurant outside of Marienplatz. Do you remember a part of town/subway station/local landmark?

      1. Could you have been in the English Garden at the Chinese Tower? Lots of Chestnut trees!

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          Maybe one of the locals could look at the beer glasses in the pic - are they Spaten?
          Im not familiar enuf to tell for sure.

            1. re: maryhbrock

              might narrow it down a little bit? I agree that the scene and description is pretty biergarten generic.