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Aug 18, 2011 03:30 AM

Recommendations For Chow Surrounding A Steelers Game Visit

Hi there fellow hounds,
I bought my fiance tickets to the Steelers/Patriots game at the end of October, so we will be coming to visit from Toronto over that weekend.

Having never been to Pittsburgh before, I was wondering if you could recommend a few must-eat-at restaurants in your area. We love both high and low and cost is no object. Also (and un-food-related) can you recommend any things we should see or do while we're there?

We would love to participate in some of the pre-game tailgating (since we don't have that here in Canada) and I was wondering if anyone could suggest how we could do that. Since we are travelling from out of town, we wouldn't be setting up a stand to make our own food to contribute, but I wanted to know what sort of things we could bring with us to share - nobody wants to be a moocher at the party, right? :)

We will likely be staying in one of the hotels near the field, so anything nearby is fair game.

I've been told I should make a stop at Primantis - is that true?

Thanks so much!

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  1. First Off... You have a lucky fiance GREAT game to come into Pittsburgh. (I also tend to enjoy the weather in that time; similar to Toronto , which is one of my fave places to visit)

    TO help you out better, coudl you give us some preferences on what you two like or don't like (food and un food)... The North Shore (area of the stadiuam) is not the best location for food, but don't fret this site is amazing for food reqs in PIttsburgh.

    As far as tailgaiting... you have some options.. There are a couple bars right next to the stadiaum (they change a good bit) you could start at one of these and work your way into the parking lots... Western PA people LOVE TO TALK with OUT OF TOWNERS -- It won't be too hard to find some parties to mingle with... Also there is usually some sponsered events happening all around. Word of advice if you are not Steelers fans, do not promote this or you will not have many friends.

    Ohhh Primanti's... A Primantis sandwich is a meat , fries , and cole slaw on bread. I personally think they are OK, but are not a big supporter of them. Having said that if one is available in the Stadium (should be ) go for it..

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      Hi Augie, thanks for the primer!

      To answer your questions, with regards to food we like just about every type of cuisine with these caveats; my fiance is allergic to nuts and will not eat any seafood or fish and I am allergic to lobster and crab. We both love rustic food, good bread, charcuterie, and well made cocktails. Other than that, we like all types of cuisine, from hot dogs and burgers up to places like Alinea and French Laundry. He drinks beer (though I don't) and I've heard there's quite a good craft brewing scene in Pittsburgh, so we'd probably want to check that out too.

      In terms of non-food stuff, we like going to see museums, science centres, aquariums, zoos and planetariums when we travel, but really, 90% of the time our vacations end up revolving around food.

      Hope that helps!

      1. re: mochapj

        I assume you will have some type of transportation for the days prior to the game.. If not talk to the hotel you choose, if they have shuttles or access to taxi service. Unlike most cities you have to call and schedule taxi's they are not just scattered about the city.

        For anyone that is into food, I always point them in the direction the Strip District , wich is basicly a couple blocks of food groceries / cheaper Pittsburgh clothing and food vendors. The best (most crowded) woudl be Saturday morning -ish. Best vendors are Renya Taco Stand (small tacos) and Lucy's Bahn Mi Stand... This is one of the most traditional Pittburgh-y deals around.

        Elements (i have never been) is suppose to have a GREAT charcuterie menu .. It is pricey place, but never heard anything bad about thier charcuterie ..

        As far as beer.. Rivertown (next to stadium) has a nice selection (food not that good)
        Fat Heads in the South Side is great for beer and A GREAT sandwhich..

        I included two links one from this site and top 25 rest. in the area GREAT REFERENCE

        Warhol Museum would be a choice... we have science and whatnot , but Warhol is something unique to Pittsburgh

        1. re: Augie6

          A few good places on the NOrth Shore to get a bit before the game. Just walk around the parking lots to see some fun tailgating. Someone will probably offer you a beer.
          In town good restaurants are meat and potatoes, Six Penn, Eleven.

          If you like fun art Warhol museum is cool. Carnegie museum in Oakland is nice.
          If you have a car lots of places in Lawernceville, some good some not so.

          1. re: Effort

            Mochapj, here's a link to a review of Meat and Potatoes that was in yesterday's paper.


    2. You must go to the nationality rooms at pitt. You must! (and bop into the main branch of the Carnegie Library while you're in Oakland).
      That said, I'm going to chime in with "cheap and yummy" The Original Hot Dog Shop while you're in oakland (fries are best, hotdogs are great, hamburgers are cheap and good).

      I'd recommend the Mattress Factory for art (though the Wood Street Galleries are free and accessible to town).

      You should go to the Pittsburgh Glass Center -- it's fabulous! (eat at Salt of the Earth afterwards, or go to the vegan place that's about a block away from the PGC)

      Skip Primantis, there's much better food around.

      In the strip district, there's an old icehouse that's now the Heinz History Center. Eat at Kayas, or Reyna's taco stand while you're there.

      Original Hot Dog Shops
      3901 Forbes Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15203