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Aug 17, 2011 11:42 PM

Road trip from NYC to Charleston

Hey Everyone.

I am taking a road trip this Labor day weekend from NYC to Charleston, and I am looking for eating recommendations for the trip. The general theme of the trip will be BBQ so any suggestion in that realm will be appreciated. I would also love any other "can't miss" eating places.

I am a chef in NYC so I am willing try almost anything, and really appreciate when food is done really well. I will be driving and I am open to leaving I-95 if it is worth it. The loose plan is to spend one night in NC maybe in the Raleigh area but that is open to discussion, and then spend the final 2 nights in the Charleston area.

Thanks for any suggestions in advance.


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  1. A weekend is not much time. Raleigh is well off your most direct route, I95.

    Start by looking here:

    It gives some good recommendations for NC Q.

    Then look at this link started by another NYCer:

    It includes a good discussion of Charleston restaurants.

    1. Does your GPS have the restaurant option? I play GPS Roulette while driving, see what restaurants are close by and judge by name. So much fun!! Perfect for bbq searching! Also hot dogs!! If you love going to dive restaurants, food can be hit or miss, but the journey is what's fun anyway! When you hit SC, you have to stop for some mustard base bbq sauce too.

      In Raleigh, Poole's Diner is probably the can't miss, she also just opeded a fried chicken restaurant called Beasley. The bbq restaurants in Raleigh are Coopers and Ole Time. Char Grill is probably a fun stop too.

      In Charleston, fig and Husk are the hot spots, both known for beautiful cocktails (and food).
      If you like pour over coffee, Hope & Union is a fancy smancy coffee shop in Charleston. Have fun!

      Char Grill
      618 Hillsborough St, Raleigh, NC 27603