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Aug 17, 2011 09:32 PM

Follow-Up Report--Denver/Boulder/Colorado Springs

Just wanted to follow up my anniversary trip by thanking the people here who responded to my request for information and report on where we did end up going.

After the Rockies game Saturday night we walked past Vesta's Dipping Grill. Sorry I don't know the street. My friend works with the chef's mother, so I'd heard of it. VERY loud, "happening" sort of place, everything we ate (sat at the bar and had a few small plates) was delicious particularly the lamb riblets and the bacon-tater thingies. We liked some of the dipping sauces, and I'm afraid I cannot recall the one other thing that was excellent, sorry.

Had brunch Sunday at Red Rocks to meet some friends and view the place and visitor center. What a place. Not exactly a food destination but tolerable enough and included a mimosa.

In Boulder we ate at a place called Black Pepper Pho, just walked past it, looked good and we enjoyed it. Nothing fancy, I'm again not sure of the street, but right across from the 28th Street Mall. We were supposed to have the Monday prix fixe dinner at Frasca (on Monday of course) but my husband became ill and we had to cancel. The ONE thing I was most looking forward to, alas.

In Colo Springs we stayed at the Broadmoor and loved our dinner at the Penrose Room. Just impeccable service, very very delicious food with reasonable portions, and excellent pours of the wines accompanying dinner. Loved it. Memorable courses included white asparagus soup with caviar, a scrumptious lobster carpaccio (though there was no discernible horseradish taste to the horseradish cream) and a small lamb tenderloin I think it was called with fingerling potatoes. Just perfect.

Honestly found the other food at the Broadmoor (golf club, poolside, lobby sandwich place) to be rather pedestrian. Great homemade ranch dressing, but otherwise, eh. We also at dinner at The Keg in Manitou Springs after visiting Pike's Peak. Fun atmosphere, big portion of chicken fried chicken, but WAY undercooked. Fortunately I was full before I got to the raw part.

Anyhow, thanks again for the responses to my request. Sure hope to come back some day.

Penrose Room
1 Lake Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO

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  1. Nice report. I knew you would enjoy the Penrose room. A shame your husband took ill on your Frasca day, but all's well that ends well.

    1. Black Pepper Pho is on Pearl at 28th in the shopping center where Ultimate Electronics used to be. I've been a couple of times and enjoyed the food but I am not at all experienced in pho so I can't compare. I'm hoping to make it to some of the well regarded places in Broomfield and on Federal as the weather cools off to do a better comparison.

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      1. re: RobynS

        Black Pepper Pho is a decent bowl of pho, but it's not going to compare to the real-deal places in Broomfield and on Federal, I'd say; the broth just doesn't quite have that deep, homey, mysterious flavor that's the essence of the best pho. Still, I appreciate having decent pho in Boulder, even if it's not top-notch.

        1. re: monopod

          Good to know! Like I said, I'm planning to hit the other places as it gets cooler and I want a hot soup on a weekend day.

      2. I was shocked my normally "beef with peapods" husband would even consider pho, so I ran with it. Knew nothing about it as we walked in, thus were not disappointed!