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Aug 17, 2011 08:34 PM

Business dinner, any suggestions?

I need a great restaurant to host a client from the UK. Any recommendations for an appropriate business dinner, I'm thinking Graziella? What's your take?

I don't want it too over the top and pretentious.

Please share your thoughts, thank you.

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  1. Do you know anything about your client? Does this person like Italian? The purpose of the dinner is to continue to talk business or to wind down?

    I was thinking more CCeP if it had to stay in Old Montreal, but it depends on your intent and budget.

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    1. re: wattacetti

      We've taken her to le locale and we had a great reaction.

      She's not difficult but we've already been to CCeP recently with other accounts.

      We have an all day working session the day after so it would be more towards entertaining.

    2. Graziella's my fave Italian in the city for whatever that's worth. I think it's a good choice.

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