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Aug 17, 2011 07:46 PM

Dot's Deli, Fremont

I just stopped in today for some lovely steak frites ($12) and a couple fresh Merguez sausages.
The steak was delicious, the frites were crispy, and I've not eaten the pricey ($11.50/lb) sausage, but look forward to it. I hope to meet the entire menu (just a handful of items) soon.

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  1. I brought home 3 types of (less expensive) sausage and sliced mortadella today! What a sweet spot. Sausages on the grill as I write.

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    1. re: tsquare

      I'm glad to hear this. It will be nice to have a place like this close to home. Or do I mean dangerous?!

      1. re: Lauren

        Dangerous indeed. The three sausages were excellent. Hot link - plenty of heat. Garlic was more juicy than strong, maybe my least favorite. Beer caraway was clearly the winner for us. Wishing I had picked up the spicy italian and merguez just because. The mortadella is less expensive than Picnic's (from Fra whatstheirnames) but significantly more than Borracchini's (I think an Italian import). Darn tasty slices. I'm already thinking that 3-7 pm happy hour is in my near future. Closed on Sundays.

        1. re: tsquare

          Mmmm, beer caraway sounds great.

    2. I saw this place on my hangover hike down to Paseo for a much needed sandwich on Saturday. Have you tried the 'Hunger' place that opened up a while back next to it?

      1. Today was HH ribeye - great flavor
        and a reuben, sliced the wrong direction, but very flavorful

        1. Grabbed a BLT and a heirloom tomato and fennel salad to share with my sweetheart for a picnic in the rose garden earlier. I prefer my bacon a bit crispier, something that could surely be remedied with a simple request while ordering, but it was the perfect combination and a delicious accompianiament to this gorgeous Seattle summer day. I'll definitely be back to try their sausages and house cured meats.

          1. I picked up a bunch of charcuterie there last week- all excellent and quite reasonable.

            Mortadella- perfect consistency, great, subtle spicing, very well done
            Duck pate with bing cherries- fabulous- chunks of duck meat bound by aspic with a cherry compote in the center- rustic and lovely. My wife and sister-in-law devoured it
            Charcuter's meatloaf- bits of cured meats bound into meatloaf form with what tastes like a bread-heavy emulsion. Spectacular and addictive cold- possibly a bit salty warm, but it's never survived a trip to a heating implement so I haven't tested that theory.

            Great place- clearly raising the bar for Seattle charcuterie.