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Aug 17, 2011 07:33 PM

Grand Cayman -- August 8-15, 2011

DINNERS (Only two -- cooked at the condo the rest of the time.)

Highly Recommended -- Blue by Eric Ripert -- Expensive. Great Service. Excellent Food.
Disappointing -- Pappagallos -- Been there many times before, but this time the service was
slow, food was mediocre.


Highly Recommended -- Tim Buc Tuu -- Excellent Moroccan influenced food, very friendly,
competent service, inexpensive, funky.
Sunshine Grill -- Great fish tacos and burgers, relaxed and fun.
Grand Old House --- Expensive, fine service, extensive menu.
Calypso Grill -- Interesting blackboard specials, good food, attentive
Good, Not Great -- Casanova -- Wonderful service, good location, mediocre food.
Not Recommended -- Lighthouse -- very disappointing. Service slow and surly. Food not worth
the trip.

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  1. I have been to Calypso Grill many times for dinner, and loved it!

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    1. re: Friend of Bill

      ddavis, I am glad you had a good dining vacation. I agree that Casanova has variable quality when it comes to food. Sometimes great, sometimes mediocre, but has a great view of the ocean. La Dolce Vita, which is 1/2 mile away , has better food, but the view is not as good.
      I am glad you stayed away from the Wharf, which was my worst dining experience on Grand Cayman, going there would make your Lighthouse experience look good.

      1. re: BigGeorge

        Funny you mentioned La Dolce Vita -- it was our first choice for that lunch but it was closed. Next tried Brasserie and it was closed. Casanova was our third choice.
        I have been to The Wharf enough times to know better than to go. It was pretty neat when all our kids were small and looked forward to watching the tarpon feeding, but not really a place to go for the food.