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What to do in the Berkshires?

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We will be vacationing near the berkshires (Lee, Lenox, Pittsfield, etc). Can anyone suggest good outings for us to do with the kids?
farms? pickings? amusement parks?

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  1. It is worth the trip down to Great Barrington. Lots of good restuarants and a very nice mainstreet for walking around. Monument Mountain in Great Barrington is a nice hike. Then hit Barrington Brewing company for a quick beer and a sandwich. The steak and stout is always satisfying.

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      SOCO ice cream in Great Barrington is a must. Norman Rockwell museum is grand. swimming at any of the little lakes (we like the one in Great Barrington, about a mile from main street, up a hill, has a little parking lot). Check on line for farms: there are several. Horse back riding lessons: up the road toward Bash Bish Falls, I think it's called Blue Star Farm, but, again, there are on line sites that will list Berkshire attractions. Breakfast at Martins in GB or Chez Rose I think it's called on Main Street in Lee, near a little motel. Don't miss a trip to Williamstown for the wonderful Clark Museum and the charm of the town itself.

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        I loved SoCo Creamery and also in Great Barrington is Route 7 Grill, which is a fun family BBQ restaurant with lots of locally sourced products.

        Route 7 Grill
        999 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

    2. Your query will likely get moved to the Southern New England Board, since it's far afield of Greater Boston.

      1. Just a request that you keep the answers focused on food related outings rather than more general tourist stops. Thanks!