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Aug 17, 2011 07:18 PM

What to do in the Berkshires?

We will be vacationing near the berkshires (Lee, Lenox, Pittsfield, etc). Can anyone suggest good outings for us to do with the kids?
farms? pickings? amusement parks?

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  1. It is worth the trip down to Great Barrington. Lots of good restuarants and a very nice mainstreet for walking around. Monument Mountain in Great Barrington is a nice hike. Then hit Barrington Brewing company for a quick beer and a sandwich. The steak and stout is always satisfying.

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      SOCO ice cream in Great Barrington is a must. Norman Rockwell museum is grand. swimming at any of the little lakes (we like the one in Great Barrington, about a mile from main street, up a hill, has a little parking lot). Check on line for farms: there are several. Horse back riding lessons: up the road toward Bash Bish Falls, I think it's called Blue Star Farm, but, again, there are on line sites that will list Berkshire attractions. Breakfast at Martins in GB or Chez Rose I think it's called on Main Street in Lee, near a little motel. Don't miss a trip to Williamstown for the wonderful Clark Museum and the charm of the town itself.

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        I loved SoCo Creamery and also in Great Barrington is Route 7 Grill, which is a fun family BBQ restaurant with lots of locally sourced products.

        Route 7 Grill
        999 Main St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

    2. Your query will likely get moved to the Southern New England Board, since it's far afield of Greater Boston.

      1. Just a request that you keep the answers focused on food related outings rather than more general tourist stops. Thanks!