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Aug 17, 2011 04:29 PM

What's new in Slovenia?

Heading to Slovenia (all over) in September. There hasn't been a post on Chow since 2010. What's new? Where are 'must try' places for dinner or lunch? High or low end. Just yummy food.


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  1. The only place we have been to this year is Pri Lojzetu in Zemona/Dornberk, a little off the beaten track but so worth the effort.

    In Ljubljana - Pri Skofu and Gostlina Sokol, and in Radovljica, a 10 minute drive south of Bled there is Gostlina Lectar

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      Thank you very much! Pri Lojzetu looks amazing. And we'll be in Ljubljana for a few days so those are really helpful too.

    2. Gostlina Sokol may be very traditional, and it certainly is kitch and has the local crowd. But most of the food is rather bland and heavy, which is traditional I fear. The safest entrée may be the mushroom soup in a bread cup. And the main the fish for two.