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Aug 17, 2011 03:04 PM

Cocktail party: round food

So I'm having a little drinks & nosh get together tomorrow evening and am making a couple of things tonight - one is little meatballs and the other some mini-souffles made in mini muffin tins. I had planned on buying party tomatoes....I realized that so far everything is round so I thought maybe I'd just make it a theme and stick to round food. Any ideas?!

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  1. Bocconcini with the cherry tomatoes.

    1. crostini
      carrot chips
      ritz crackers with toppings

      1. Cucumber rounds topped with shrimp and sauce
        stuffed mushrooms
        macadamia nuts
        figs wrapped in prosciutto

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        1. re: Claudette

          I'm now regretting not buying that big container of macadamia nuts at Costco the other day...

        2. Grilled sausage cut in rounds, speared with toothpicks, plated with a bowl of interesting mustard for dip in the middle.
          Round Tostito's corn chips topped with bean dip and cheese, popped in oven to melt cheese.

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          1. re: Gail

            Love the sausage idea. Easy!

          2. A wheel of baked Brie, topped with chutney.