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Aug 17, 2011 01:22 PM

restos in the "Quarter' Tropicana A.C.

Staying at the Trop in a few weeks. Need help deciding which of the 8 restos located there are your favs.... Prefer to eat there unless there is a good one within walking distance....thanks

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  1. Carmines is fantastic!! Order Chicken Scarpiello

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      I agree. We go to Carmine's every time we are in AC. Our favorites are the Carmine's Porterhouse and the Carmine's Salad.

    2. Only 2 blocks from the Tropicana is Chef Vola's. This year, it received the James Beard Foundation's "America's Classics" award (if you're into this kind of thing). Everyone says the food is great though supposedly the dining room is small and you're on top of your neighbor. Reservations required. I have yet to try because I'm not good on keeping reservations, but it's on my short list. Check the board for more comments on it.

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        Also within close walking distance of the Trop is Little Saigon, a fantastic Vietnamese place.
        2801 Arctic Ave
        Atlantic City, NJ 08401
        (609) 347-9119

        Little Saigon Restaurant
        2801 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

      2. I've had good experiences at both Red Square and The Palm. The palm is pretty much a straight up steakhouse, while Red Square is more romantic. Service was excellent at both places. Loved the ice bar at Red Square. I had steak at both places and they were both done to order perfectly. The sides at The Palm were excellent.

        1. We like cuba libra, or the Palm for decent steak. I personally have never been a fan of Carmines but i know plenty of people who enjoy it. I always say i want to try Red Square but jusdt haven't gotten there yet.

          1. I really enjoyed Girasole which is an easy walk from Trop.

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              Inside the Quarter, I would have to agree that Carmine's is quite good. As the portions are large its best visited with a large group in order to try out many of the dishes. As for walking distance from the Trop, I will join in the recommendations for Little Saigon and Girasole. Good Luck.

              Little Saigon Restaurant
              2801 Arctic Ave, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

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                carmines meatballs are the best i have ever had, and i try them everywhere, go there on an hour drive to bring them home. although, not in walking didstance, but a short cab ride angelos fairmont grill for their steak maryland, eggplant rolletine, veal chop etc

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                  I believe that the recipe for their meatballs (or something close) is in the Carmine's cookbook. I use that cookbook more than any of the others that I have. Everything is amazing!

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                    And don't forget their chicken scarpiello- the best receipe ANYWHERE!!!