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Cafe Laurent in Culver City?

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I've been to their stand at the Sunday FM in SM on Main, and they do a very nice job with the savory croissants and with quiche, but I've never been to the storefront. How is the sit down menu? Good place for lunch?

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  1. I've never been for lunch, only breakfast which is pretty good. The potatoes are VERY rich & creamy, but the pancakes are excellent and my husband likes the waffle. They have a nice patio in addition to an indoor seating area. There aren't many breakfast options in the Culver City area, so Cafe Laurent certainly stands out. Plus, I've never had to wait for a table, even for a weekend breakfast. Friendly waitstaff too.

    1. It's the best! I usually go for the couscous plate on Tuesdays.

      1. I love it- good food and great service, pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. I always get the quiche, comes with a small salad and scalloped potatoes to die for!

        1. I just went there last weekend -- at 12 noon for sunday brunch there were places to sit, no wait, and the eggs benedict (over a croissant) was good. not fond of the potatoes though.

          I just want to add that on sunday I believe you can only order from the breakfast/brunch menu.

          I have also been there for weekday lunch and it was a quiet place to talk with a friend - I don't remember what I ordered and I don't think it was that special.

          1. Been there for lunch, it's nice, relaxed, salad/sandwich casual fare. I ordered the nicoise salad, since it's supposed to be a French restaurant and all. The salad, unsurprisingly, came with kalamata olives. Sure did not seem right at a supposed french place.

            1. I've been past the place many times and I finally visited the Cafe for breakfast this morning. My chowish hopes were high because of their stand at the Saturday Farmer's market.
              Sadly, I was underwhelmed. The atmosphere and food have so much potential that they're not reaching in a true Chowish manner.
              The patio is pretty with colorful arching bougainvillea, a fountain and much greenery. Why, then, was the fountain not operating (it would help drown out traffic noise). Why was the Home Depot identification tag left on the plants. Why was the bread plain, slightly stale (I love crusty french bread) and served with plastic Smuckers jam servings.
              The omelette, while tasty, wasn't an omelette, but rather a half moon shaped scramble. My image of a proper omelette is a fluffy egg envelope containing goodness, not eggs scrambled with stuff.
              The food and atmosphere was good, and I expect to return (I prefer it to the Overland Cafe to which I am equally close) But it lacks that excellence, that spark that makes a Chowhound's mouth water and eyes glitter.

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                "The food and atmosphere was good, and I expect to return...But it lacks that excellence, that spark that makes a Chowhound's mouth water and eyes glitter." That's a great way to describe so many restaurants discussed on this board! Sometimes I think we Chowhounders need to differentiate between "it's fine" and "it's Chowish!"

              2. This is one of those places I want to like more than I do. I think that the chef, in trying to be adventurous or spontaneous screws up the daily specials more often or not. I go there once in a while for lunch and usually stay with the standard bistro fare and away from the specials board. Friendly competent service. Reasonable prices.