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Aug 17, 2011 11:51 AM

Booyah Festivals - 2011

Anyone have Booyah festivals to report for 2011? First one I've found is coming up this weekend in Vadnais Heights - Sunday, Aug 21 - Heritage Days.

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  1. best booya in st paul is in Roseville. Sept 25. B-Dale Club 2100 north dale st roseville MN 651-489-5386. Its made the old fashioned way three days. Meat from a butcher and all amazing ingrediants.

    1. NORTH ST. PAUL FIRE DEPARTMENT BOOYA! A tradition of over 100 years of excellence!


      Serving begins at 11am and goes until it's gone! Take out or Dine in! 16oz. bowls $4

      1. St. Paul Park famous booyah!

        Event: St Paul Park Post 98 & 40/8 Voyager 33 Booyah
        Location: St Paul Park Post 98
        Additional Information: Other activities available during the booya will be meat raffles and an Auxiliary Bake and Craft Sale.

        Date: Sunday, September 11, 2011
        Time: 11:00 AM
        Duration: Until they run out of Booya

        1. Here are some others I've found:

          9/25/11 11:30am until gone, St. Francis Booya at Highland Park Pavillion

          10/1/11 9:00am -- 5:00pm - South St Paul Fall Festival "On the Street" -- Southview Blvd, South St Paul

          10/2/11 10am - ?? Roseville Fire Department Auxiliary Booya, 1145 Woodhill Dr, Roseville

          10/16/2011 1pm - 4pm Booya in the Sukkah -- KOSHER booya at Jewish Community Center in St Paul

          Anyone been to these? thoughts?

          Highland Park
          St. Paul, MN, St Paul, MN

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            I have been to the South St. Paul World Championship Booya Contest. Around 8-10 Booya Cooks set up their wares and camp overnight as they cook their Booya. Judging is in the morning, after which they sell their Booya to the public. It's pretty fun, tasting different varieties/styles. They also have a nice car show.

            My favorites: 1) South St. Paul, 2) North St. Paul Fire Department, 3) Roseville Fire Department.