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Aug 17, 2011 11:27 AM

Restaurant week choices in Cambridge: Harvest, T.W. Food, or EVOO?

We've narrowed it down to these 3 options---so please help me choose among these 3 (e.g. don't suggest Rialto.)

Anyone have any RW experiences to report for any of these places this go round (or recently)? Or experiences at these places in general, since I have never eaten at any of them.

And please, I've heard enough venting about why some of you hate restaurant week (and yes, I'm sympathetic), but this is when we're going, so no need to reply if you're just going to say "forget resto week".


EVOO Restaurant
350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

T.W. Food
377A Walden St, Cambridge, MA 02138

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  1. I love EVOO, but had a mediocre experience there last year during RW. Service was harried, sloppy, forgetful, and slow. We spent a very long time waiting for every course, drinks never arrived, refills never occurred, that sort of thing.

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      And on the opposite end of the spectrum, I had a super duper SPEEDY RW experience at Harvest a couple of years ago. Food and service were good, but we were scooted in and out very quickly. I didn't find it relaxing in the least.

      Of your list, I'd say TW Food, if only because it's the kind of place I'd like to try and probably wouldn't normally get over there and pay full price.

      1. re: yumyum

        I like T.W. Food but don't know what it's restaurant week experience will be. I don't like Harvest and put it on my over-rated, over-priced, to be avoided list (I do like the room and the patio, but don't like the "corporate" service vibe at all). Sorry that I haven't had a chance to try EVOO in what is, for me, its "new" space.

        EVOO Restaurant
        350 Third Street, Cambridge, MA 02143

        T.W. Food
        377A Walden St, Cambridge, MA 02138

    2. Of those three, I've only been to Harvest for Restaurant Week (one lunch, one dinner, within the past year or two), but I've been to EVOO and T. W. Food many times outside restaurant week.

      If the Restaurant Week value matters to you, Harvest is the best restaurant week deal, for sure: T. W. Food serves a 3-course prix fixe for $41 all year, and EVOO does the same for $42 all year. So in both cases you are saving less than $10 by going during restaurant week. Harvest, on the other hand, would easily be $50 pp for an appetizer, entree, and dessert.

      That said, T. W. Food is probably my favorite restaurant of the three, and I'm sure would do a great job with Restaurant Week.

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      1. re: greenzebra

        3rd on TW Food. I'm trying to resist, but can't stop from suggesting Bergamot, at the old EVOO location (that's how I'm justifying the rec). It got a positive review here for it's RW menu yesterday.

        1. re: justbeingpolite

          Thanks to all for all the valuable input. @justbeingpolite: we have, in fact, added Bergamot to list to be considered (problem was limiting search of participating restos to Cambridge, while Bergamot is in Somerville).

          One person in the group does not like the RW menu choices at T.W. Food, but I'm not thrilled about Harvest's RW menu (for next week: entree choices are mussels, chicken, and risotto). Maybe Bergamot will please everyone.

          T.W. Food
          377A Walden St, Cambridge, MA 02138

          1. re: bella_sarda

            T. W. Food changes their menu daily or nearly so: if you are going next week what you see on the menu now is no guarantee of what you'll get. It appears that for RW they are just doing their normal 3-course prix fixe for ~$8 off (so you get a choice of any of their menu items, although some have a supplement).

            But Bergamot is also a great choice IMO.

      2. I just went to TW Food Tuesday night. We ended up opting for their special 5-course tasting rather than doing the 3- course RW menu. It was lovely and delicious in every way. I've eaten there before (non-RW) and felt that the whole experience was in no way diminished by it being RW. It seems to me from the food I ate and saw going out that they are making RW work by doing smaller portions and probably focusing on less expensive ingredients (we started with a vichyssoise, for instance), but are still executing with every bit of their usual attention to detail and finesse. One other note - they do allow a la carte ordering during RW even though the menus are set up as prix fixe.

        1. Maybe too late. I had a great experience with RW at TW Foods last year, so I would definitely recommend giving them a shot.

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            We wound up going to Harvest based in no small part on the option to sit outside. However, the terrace was closed when we arrived last night, following afternoon rain. Our meal was decent although nothing was really outstanding. The service was very good and we did not feel rushed. The half-wine pairing was a good deal at $15 (which included 3 different half-glasses of wine). I ordered the gazpacho to start. This had a very lively, clean tomato flavor. I ordered the mushroom risotto as a main course, but split that with a dining companion who ordered the braised chicken main and shared back. The risotto had a nice flavor (including a pea coulis and pea shoots) but the rice was mushy and the whole thing seemed a bit more like a thick soup than a risotto. The chicken was really juicy and nicely seasoned, and there was a tasty sauce on the side of the plate (forget what was in that). The white beans it came with were very bland; the grilled rapini (also on the side of the chicken) was good but there were about 2 bites of it. Overall, portions were on the small side but not tiny. I also tasted the pork belly appetizer, which was actually a rather generous portion. It was delicious. For dessert, we all had the peach panna cotta, which was really nice---straightforward peach flavor, good texture. Only issue was the supposedly roasted peaches on top did not have any of the caramelized, roasty goodness I might have expected, and that would have really put the thing over the top. I also tasted the redfish main; the fish was good but the fried green tomato on the side was a disaster--thick, limp breading, and stuffed with cheese---yikes. Only real misstep of the bunch.