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Gluten-free dessert recipe?

I'd like to make a delicious gluten-free dessert for a Labor Day barbecue? Any delicious ideas. Any help is much appreciated.

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  1. One of my best friends is both gluten free and sugar free. Although I've experimented quite a bit with rice flour, I find that the best way to adapt recipes to be gluten free is to start with something that is naturally gluten free to begin with. Rice pudding, cheesecake (I use ground nuts as a crust), homemade ice cream and lemon pudding cakes (rice flour for the little bit of flour in these) have all been so successful that other guests were not even aware that the dessert was for a special diet. (You didn't ask, but I have had very good success with xylitol for the sugar - no one has ever guessed that the desserts are wheat and sugar free!)

      1. As I have celiac disease I must be strictly gluten free. My favourites include naturally GF dishes such as pavlova, creme caramel, panna cotta, semifreddo, granitas, flourless chocolate cake... Most of these would work well because they are made in advance.

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        1. Definitely try your hand at a cashew cheesecake (google raw vegan cheesecake). it is great because you can make it in advance, just thaw before serving.

          I've made this to rave reviews: http://mynewroots.blogspot.com/2011/0...

          1. For Labor day, go with fruit! Grill fruit skewers, pineapple rounds, slices of watermelon (really), or peach halves - there are tons of recipes online. You could poach pears or make fancy fruit salads as well. This past weekend, I served Peach Salad, circa 1893, from the recent New York Times cookbook, and had guests nearly licking their plates. For every five sliced peaches, whisk together 1/4 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon, a dash of nutmeg, and either 1 teaspoon lemon juice plus a quarter cup of Madeira (called for in the recipe) or the juice of a whole lemon and a healthy splash of cognac (what I improvised with). Serve with a pitcher of chilled cream to pour over the top. This required almost no effort on my part, but since I started with really good peaches, it was amazingly fabulous.

            1. how elaborate do you want to get? i love making macarons... totally gluten free.

              maybe a daquoise with gluten free flour mix, layered with a nice fruit and cream...

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                I would love to try making macarons! daquoise sounds heavenly-do you have a recipe?

              2. I've seen recipes for a pie crust that is just meringue, filled with a lemon pie filling. A cool, gluten-free, refreshing take on a lemon meringue pie.

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                  A cool GF take on a lemon meringue pie sounds great. Would you be willing to share the source of the recipe?

                2. This is incredible. Thank you so much for the valuable guidance!

                  1. "Fools" are great summer desserts, if you have a place to refrigerate them. See, e.g., http://blogs.babble.com/family-kitche...
                    You can make them with whatever wonderful fruit is in season.

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                      Yes! I've made tons of them this summer. Which also brings to mind Eton Mess (sort of like a fool with crushed meringue).