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Aug 17, 2011 10:19 AM

Ideas for foodie gifts to bring back to Canada to a relatively large crowd from Germany/the Netherlands/maybe Paris

Hello again Chows,
I am going on a 3 week trip that will include a roam around Germany and the Netherlands - possibly a hop down to Paris.
I was hoping for a nice group gift idea to bring back to work (as a thank you for picking up my slack for 3 weeks :P) - I was thinking that I wouldn't go wrong with a big pack of chocolate! I will finish in Amsterdam.



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  1. Chocolate can't go wrong.
    German chocolates that aren't available here (yet ?): Rittersport mini and jumbo - many varieties. Hanuta by Ferrero (layers of crispy wafers & nutela). Chococrocies by Nestle, Merci by (? forgot).
    Cookies - Bahlsen brand. Yes some varieties are available at Loblaws, Longo's.

    Dutch cookies - Verkade brand.

    While dairy & meat products are not allowed, I have brought them here. I declared them. When the officer asked why, I responded that I just could not resist to bring some of these specialties for my family. If you didn't declare and they found out, the goods would be confiscated. Please declare also the chocolates and cookies.

    Dutch cream-cheese is lovely soft & creamy (smeerkaas).

    Have fun!


    1. We always bring back great German mustards. Many are in tubes so easily transportable. Cannot help you on the Netherlands - have yet to go there.

      1. From the Netherlands: packages of stroopwaffels and tubes of flavored mayonnaise (curry is my favorite) to go with fries.

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          Jams and jellies - may be purchased at Farmers' Markets.
          Horseradish - many produced in Baiersdorf
          2012 Culinary Calendars
          Beautiful dishtowels, I purchased several in Nurnberg
          Lebkuchen (Gingerbread)
          Small bottles of liquors (pack in suitcase)
          teas (may purchase at any grocery store) my friends love "blut orange" (blood orange)
          coffee (dallmeyer for instance)