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Aug 17, 2011 10:16 AM

Les Fables de la Fontaine

Any comments on the restaurant Les Fables de la Fontaine in Paris.

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  1. We are having dinner there tonight and will let you know. We have eaten there a few times in the past year or two and have always enjoyed our dinner.

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      I always enjoyed it, good food (fish) which pushes the boundaries a little but never too far. Always had really good friendly service from the young team - I think the chefs bought our Christian Constant although he still takes an interest. Really interested to hear about recent experiences - not mentioned that often on the board these days - out of fashion?

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        Ate there in June, good restaurant, very small, for instance, you have to walk through the kitchen to get to the toilettes. I would certainly return, have had this one on my list for a long time, just got around to it. The photo is a dish of rouget over a puree of aubergine I had there, very tasty.

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          Sorry, we had to cancel at the last minute. We will try again next week.

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            How was Chez Casimir? Did I miss your report?

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              We finally got back to Fables this evening. On our two or three previous trips we had dinner here and really enjoyed everything, not so tonight.

              We reserved an outside table last week for this evening. When we arrived and asked to be seated outside we were told there were no tables available. All the tables outside were empty and only one table was occupied inside. We sat inside.

              Again we were met with an attitude which really turns us off. We were told the fish of the day was sole, and the table next to us ten minutes later was told the fish of the day was sea bass?
              By this time there were only three tables occupied so I don't think they had run out of sole that quickly.

              I ordered John Dory and my husband ordered the Cod. Both dishes were fair, not at all what we remembered from last year when we ate there twice we liked it so much.

              We waited twenty minutes or more for desert to arrive and when it did it, the cake was raw inside. This was NOT a lava cake, and was mention to be baked through.

              What a complete disappointment the entire meal was.

              When we left we noticed that half the tables outside were still empty, and there were a few empty tables inside.

              In the past years this restaurant was always jammed. I guess we are not the only ones that have not been pleased with the food or the attitude they now have. I would think that they would be so careful as to not offend anyone and encourage everyone to try their new restaurant around the corner.

              1. re: dlgc

                My last meal there was disappointing as well, though it was two years ago. My first time at Fables de la Fontaine, in 2005, was excellent, however.