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Aug 17, 2011 09:40 AM

What's for Dinner? Part 102 [OLD]

It's time, as we were over the 300 mark on the last thread - so what's cooking? After two days of dreary, rainy, gray and VERY cool weather in New England, Wednesday has dawned gloriously sunny with perfect temps.

I, however, am still dealing with leftovers to be eaten, as I went out last night to watch the Master Chef finale at a restaurant where one of the finalists works (he didn't win). I did have a VERY nice crab cake with honey-sriracha aioli (which I want to try and recreate as a sandwich spread or for a drizzle on scallops!). And a few glasses of wine. :-)

So - what's going on in your kitchen?

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  1. i made a sriracha maple syrup mayo once, used it as a dip for taters....

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      Have those ingreds on hand. Il try it. Sounds like something different and delicious

    2. I don't know. My wife, who is a good cook, hates to cook. She said she only cooked because she had to when our kids were growing up. The nest has been empty for since 1990 when our youngest got married. Now, she'll tell me a few minutes before dinner time that we are ordering out. There are 2 dishes that I cook that she will eat, risotto or chicken paprikash. I need more prep time than a few minutes before dinner time.

      I cook a lot of things for myself that she won't eat because she doesn't like them. But if I don't cook them, I will never have them. For example, this morning I made chopped chicken livers to be spread on rye bread. She will not eat that stuff, but if I don't make it, I will never have it, and I love the stuff. Due to chicken livers being high in cholesterol, I may have it twice a year, and this is the 1st time this year.

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        That's pretty hard to deal with, ChiliDude. Sounds like she's a "eat to live" type of person. :-(

        1. re: LindaWhit

          How true! Besides that there's only one cuisine that satisfies her because her genes originated in Calabria thru her grandparents. Forget about Asian, Mexican, or any other cuisine.

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            Chilidude, that is so funny - my experience of Italians is they like Italian food, and they like it from their region, and that's that! (and I know that's a generalization.) Too bad about your wife.... Enjoy your chopped livers!

            1. re: mariacarmen

              LOL. To add fuel to that generalization, I once dated a first generation Italian, and that was my experience too.

              I could go for some chopped liver tonight...

      2. Snacking - as we went out for lunch (


        Last night's leftover stew is now blitzed to soup. Followed by bread, cheese, apple.

        1. More ratatouille. This morning I rewarmed it and added some basil from the garden. It is a big pot of vegetable goodness, with barely any olive oil added, surprisingly. I could eat this everyday. Tonight I may have it with some Italian-fennel sausage I got at a Pop-Up last spring, they need to be eaten. Or over some penne. Or, maybe with the sausage, and over the penne...with lots of grated cheese...and a glass or two of good red.

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            Or heat through with beaten eggs to make piperade.

            On egin!

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              Really wonderful pasta salad with jerk seasoned pork ribs.

            2. Tonight will be roasted chicken, farfalle noodles, and a veg of whatever sort entices me when I open the crisper. I'm thinking the chard will be nice with some sauteed onions and a splash of cider vinegar. Oh, and I have a blueberry coffee cake for desert. It's only Wednesday and my third night with company this week, and these folks are staying through the weekend.