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Aug 17, 2011 08:29 AM

Manasquan/Wall area: roadside farm stands?

My parents live in the Four Seasons development at 34/Lakewood Road. They would love to have some local grown tomatoes/peaches/veg etc. I have yet to see a roadside stand anywhere around there. We routinely drive thru PP, Sea Girt, Brick etc. The only thing I have seen is a shop on Bridge Ave in PP near the Stop and Shop that has a sign saying 'local produce'. What I'm looking for is the type of place where the owner has a garden out back. My mother loves tomatoes and Dad keeps buying them at Shop Rite. No flavor at all. Any suggestions?

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  1. Well, there's Smith's Farm Market on Allaire Road in Wall and Matt's on 71 & 18th Ave. in Belmar. Neither has a farm right out back, but both sell at least some of their own produce. Matt's tomatoes are very good and, in fact, where I have been buying my heirloom plants every spring for a few years now. Otherwise, there's always the Thursday Farmers' Market in Manasquan (just off Main Street) and Sunday in Point Pleasant (Train Station parking lot).

    1. Smith's also sells some items (at minimum tomatoes, peaches, corn and some baked goods) at Mueller's Florist on Route 71 in Manasquan. Forbidden Fruit has a open air market on Higgins Avenue in "downtown" Brielle. They sell "local" produce but don't think they grow their own.

      My favorite is Matt's and will drive past the others to go there.

      1. Okay, these directions are going to seem ridiculous but I only know the place by driving by it taking my kids to and from Silton. We stop often and grab some delicious produce! The farm is right there, for all to see. If you are driving up 35 in Wall/Sea Girt, you make a left after Mossuto's market. The street you want to get onto is actually a one way at the end, so you can't make a left turn directly onto it from 35. (I don't go to the light. I actually make a left into the Applebee's parking lot, then make a right out of the parking lot in between the bank and the strip containing Applebee's. This gets me to the road that I want to be on) The farm is down this road a little bit, through one light, on the left.

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          I'm not sure, but are you talking about Geisers? An old favorite and nice people. Also agree Smiths and Matts are great

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            Quite a riddle, but I think that may be Lanza's Nursury/Farm on New Bedford Road. I haven't stopped in in years, but I recall them having at lest corn, tomatoes, and various flowers/plants.

          2. Matt's over Smith's for produce in my book (but Smith's is great for other things Matt's doesn't have like baked goods, etc)... there are also two or three along Lakewood-Farmingdale Rd (Rt. 547) heading towards Lakewood south of 195.

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              I agree. Nothing close by beats Matt's for heirloom tomatoes.

              It's funny. I like the small set-up Smith's has Mueller's but dislike their main location. I think it has to do with them often having produce that is clearly not local or even from the east coast. At least at Mueller's I can pretend they only sell what they grow.