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Aug 17, 2011 08:09 AM

Where Can We Buy a Few Hundred Pounds of Hatch Chili Cheaply?

My family usually road trips every year to Hatch and brings back hundreds of pounds of New Mexico chili. We can't do it this year and can't afford to buy it at Bristol Farms.

Does anyone know a source for buying many boxes of Chilis? I am in the los angeles area.


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  1. Cheap isn't likely to happen this year due to a poor growing season.

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    1. re: Professor Salt

      Oh no! And I already have scarcity issues. Thanks for the heads up!

    2. You can go on line and Google "hatch chili" and you'll find some outfits that will ship to you. But be prepared - they will not be cheap.

      1. Hatch. Cheap is a relative term. Expect to pay around $1/pound without shipping.

        1. I just bought hatch chilies at Jons for 1.00 lb very good and very hot

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          1. Ralphs in Huntington Beach on Saturday will have the cheapest of the season: $1 a pound fresh or roasted (available in 10 lb. or 30 lb. "chunks"); your limit is 10 sacks, so you could get 300 pounds of chiles for $300. It's about twice the going price in Hatch itself.

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              Bristol Farms in Playa del Rey has them. $1.69 lb. they have mild and hot. I've already roasted some. The hot are quite hot.

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                The price in Las Cruces right now for fresh Hatch green chile is about $20 per 30 lb. bag with roasting included. Walmart in Las Cruces has no limit at that price.

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                  The problem is getting the certificate from the NM Department of Health to be able to bring them back. It's perfectly doable, just requires advance planning.

                  Also a correction to my post with the price: 30 lbs. at Ralphs is $29.99; 10 lbs. is $16.99, both with roasting included.