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Aug 17, 2011 07:28 AM

Anyone had the 7Numbers family style set menu?

Wondering what is included.

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  1. Three of us did family style just a couple of weeks ago. Great value for the $28 per person. Food was delicious.

    It included:

    appetizers - grilled calamari (best I have had in a long time
    - 3 salads including tomatoes and bocconcini; one with goat
    cheese with arugla and another one that I forgot

    pasta - 3 different pastas (we were able to choose from their list and plenty to share)

    entree - you can choose any of the entrees for each person rather than share on this one (we chose 3 that we were able to share, including a grilled pork chop, osso bucco and one other one that I forgot, sorry). Came with veggies on the side.

    Dessert was not included. But there was plenty of food so we would have passed anyway.

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    1. re: breezey

      Wow; that is a good deal. I will have to pass that on.

    2. My family goes there often. The sexy duck leg is amazing and mama's meat balls are special!

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      1. re: wannabfoodie

        Oops of course the meatblalls! That was our third entree. Delicious! We had their grilled branzino filet last week which was simply prepared yet wonderful.

      2. You should check it out at 5 Doors North too. They have a similar deal last time I checked (and I prefer their food to 7Ns).