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Aug 17, 2011 06:44 AM

Restaurants near Kelton Street in Brighton

I am moving my daughter to Boston to go to Boston University. Her Apartment will be on Kelton Street just off Commonwealth in Brighton. Do you have Restaurants to recommend in that area that is in a walking distance? Thanks Ed.

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  1. head up commonwealth past washington street (a few short blocks) to Tasca for good portuguese and tapas or to Bamboo for ok/good Thai. On Washington Street off Commonwealth, walking toward Beacon Street, she'll find Whole Foods for good shopping and a very good Russian market. As she explores Brighton, she'll find it is full of excellent small ethnic restaurants, a bit of a walk away (head to Harvard and Commonwealth and explore up and down Harvard and you'll find the best Chinese, Taiwanese, Thai, Burmese, Brazilian, Middle Eastern, etc.). she won't starve! Check the board for posts about Brighton and Allston restaurants, but put on her list: S & I Thai, Shanghai Gate, JoJo Taipei, Yoma, Blue Asia, Cafe Brazil.

    1. Also, if you're looking for a place a where a parent would take a student, Petit Robert Bistro is on Comm Ave, nearby, 1414 Comm Ave. (still called Jacky's Table on chowhound.) Also, check for Brookline restaurants in Coolidge Corner.

      1. There is a hidden gem on the corner of Kelton and Comm. Harry's bar and grill. Laid back, doesn't get the undergrad crowd like Harvard Ave. Solid food, excellent beer program. $2 tacos on Thursday, half price burgers and or wings some other nights. Real quiet for lunch, good dinner rush and a nice late night crowd. Surprising how good the beer selection is and the food is made with love and not freezer to fryer. Also possibly in the running for best wings in town.

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          have passed Harry's a million times and never entered! will try. thanks for the tip KT

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            I'm surprised it never gets mentioned on this board. While it isn't chow-worthy in the Hungry Mother sense (or even Deep Ellum sense), it is the kind of place that should be known by ch'ers. Really deep beer list, legit food (the $2 thursday taco special is both a proper al pastor or carne asada type that changes weekly plus the old school old el paso style hard shell ground beef I remember from school lunch). I admit it looks dull, and the 4 to 8 constructions workers there every day from 3 to 5 being loud are a turn off. But the waitresses and bartenders remember your name, the other customers invite you to play pool with them and everyone seems happy to be there.

            Hungry Mother
            Cambridge, MA, Cambridge, MA

            Deep Ellum Bar
            477 Cambridge St, Allston, MA 02134

            1. re: KilgoreTrout

              I haven't been in Harrys since it was the El Phoenix Room. Will have to stop in some night. Thanks for the tip. Also, Petit Bistro Robert, and places in Brighton Center like Esperia Grill (Greek), great Sicilian pizza at Imperial, a short walk to Allston, and it's plethora of fine ethnic places. A great neighborhood, I've lived there for nearly 30 years!

              Esperia Grill
              344 Washington St, Brighton, MA 02135

                    1. re: kimfair1

                      great memories -laundro-mat next door, Monday Night Football on the TV , beer and a bowl of chili; R.I.P.

              1. re: Taralli

                Can anyone comment on their whole belly clams?

                1. re: Taralli

                  They are damn good. Crispy, and legit whole bellies, not clam strips. IIRC they brought in a "real chef" 3 years ago. He actually came from the Met club and left when they called him back to open Newbury St. He actually is the Chef at Hobo now (roommate is former coworker at the Met) I don't know the present chefs background aside from he can be seen at the bar later in the evening and seems to be well liked by the regulars.

            1. All the restaurants on Comm Ave at Harvard Ave are in easy walking distance. Almost too many to name, especially if you walk the long block over to Brighton Ave along Harvard. That is sort of ethnic food heaven.

              So for example, the much liked Shanghai Gate.

              This is a terrific neighborhood to live unless you need to park.

              Shanghai Gate
              204 Harvard Ave, Allston, MA 02134