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Aug 17, 2011 05:46 AM

Where can i find rhubarb in queens or brooklyn?

Avoiding a needless trip to union square whole foods for rhubarb.

Anyone know of another place?


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  1. Depending where you're starting from, Union Square could be closer than something we'd recommend. "Queens or Brooklyn" = 180 square miles. Literally more than half the land mass of NYC in its entirety. You don't want to go to Bayside from Bay Ridge or vice-versa.

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    1. re: sgordon

      Also, rhubarb is out of season, so probably pretty scarce.

      1. re: versicle

        Well, local rhubarb is out of season, but you can get it imported nearly year-round.

        1. re: sgordon

          Imported rhubarb is pretty expensive and not that easy to find. It's going to be Whole Foods, which usually has it from Holland. Local rhubarb can be found when in season at the Sunnyside farmers' market on Saturdays (which I love; no having to rush to grab things like sour cherries as you would at Union Square) or the Jackson Heights one on Sundays.

          1. re: saria

            I guess I just meant imported from other states, further South. They grow it in some parts of Florida until September.

            Also, you can get hothouse rhubarb year-round. Whole Foods may not carry it but lots of "lesser" grocery stores do. Some find the flavor more intense, but i don't mind it. I find it's actually better for pies, jams, and most sweet applications. Also the color is usually more intense. For savory purposes where I want it to retain some integrity, I'd rather use the seasonal stuff.

            That said, it does not appear the OP wants to tell us what part of Brooklyn or Queens they're in, so it's all a bit moot as far as this thread goes.