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Aug 17, 2011 02:26 AM

Cinnamon Chips

So i want to make this: and I need cinnamon chips (yes, I could probably make due with cinnamon and sugar, but I WANT cinnamon chips!


So.... anyone know where I can get them in the Greater LA megalopolis? I've looked at various Whole Foods, Trader Joes, Erewhon, and Surfas and no luck so far.

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  1. You can buy them online at or or probably a zillion other places if you can't find them in a brick and mortar store. I believe I've seen them at Vons or Ralphs at some point but I haven't looked for them lately.

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    1. re: DrBruin

      DrB - King Arthur has the BEST cinnamon chips!!!

      1. re: yummyinmytummy

        I wonder if a cake or candy supply company would have these? The only one that I know of is Kake Kreations at 21851 Sherman Way Canoga Park Ca 91303/818-346-7621

    2. I've found them at Albertson's.

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      1. re: rainey

        Albertson's FTW! thannnnk you!

        One day I'll order form King Arthur, but only when I have enough other stuff to make their crazy shipping charges worth it...