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How do you like your coffee?

90% cream and sugar 10% coffee? Black or with just sugar/sweetner?
I personally drink it straight black :-\

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  1. first cup-small amount of creamer, second cup- black, afternoon cup- white chocolate mocha decaf-no whip, vacation cup--grande americano no cream

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      down to one a morning now; just a big T of raw sugar- that's all

    2. I like it really strong, nearly espresso-like. The beans have to be freshly roasted and freshly ground. I prefer a dark roast, but am certainly partial to some mediums as well. I like lots of cream (more in a dark roast, less in a medium), no sugar. For evening coffee, I sometimes add some honey.

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        same as you BBL but no honey in evening coffee. Coffee for me has gotta be strong and creamy. I am fussy about temperature too it's got to be just short of very hot and not yet lukewarm.

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          Yes! Hot, but not too hot, is ideal, although I tend to drink mine slow in the morning and it usually goes colder than I'd like before I'm done. My boyfriend likes his scalding hot. I don't know how he drinks it without burning his mouth.

      2. My coffee is simple, 1/2 coffee, 1/2 milk (hot or cold) ; with sugar to taste (depending on the quality of the coffee and milk) As far as I remember, I've always had coffee like that.

        The exception is espresso, plain with 1 sugar cube (or equivalent).

        1. A little bit of half-and-half (or cream) in hot coffee. Skim milk in iced.

          1. I have become such a coffee creamer snob that I bring my own to work, or anywhere I'll be for more than a day, like vacation or a road trip. It's the So Delicious coconut coffee creamer, hazelnut flavor. I got hooked on it when I had to go dairy-free while BFing my baby, and never wanted to stop using it afterwards. It doesn't have trans fats or corn syrup or anything nasty in it. I put about 1 Tbs in a 12 oz cup of coffee.

            1. A touch of whatever milk is available and NO sweetener of any kind. If in Italy and drinking espresso, then I will add one teaspoon of sugar, preferably turbinado if available.

              1. I take my coffee the way I do my women - cold and bitter.

                1. I like coffee black but often have it with something sweet (usually a pastry of some sort e.g. baklava - Persian one with cardamom work really well for me, pain au choc, sfogliatelle) to balance the bitterness and sometime acidity.

                  With espresso drinks, I like a macchiato -- just enough foam to for a rich texture and to cut the acidity, but not so much as to dilute the flavour. But for breakfast it's often a flat white or latte. But no sugar -- prefer a sweet snack.

                  1. I drink it black if it is hot, or at least if I poured it hot. I prefer it hot but not overly so. If I get coffee to go I need to ask for a couple of ice cubes so it doesn't burn my mouth. Since it is black it can sit around for hours and still be drinkable (no spoiled milk), I will drink it at room temp.

                    Iced coffee must have cream and a little sugar or Splenda so it tastes like coffee ice cream. Not too sweet.

                    1. Always with milk, whether hot or iced, and never with sugar; usually just enough milk to lighten it, but sometimes a cafe au lait that's around a third hot milk. The only sweetened coffee I enjoy is cafe sua da - Vietnamese iced coffee with sweetened condensed milk - and that, to me, is like having a coffee milkshake with my meal, dessert with dinner, if you will.

                      1. Cold-brewed, (the process takes about 14 hours of steeping) with a little milk and agave. Only the best, fair-trade beans will do.

                        1. I guess my tastebuds aren't as highbrow as I'd like them to be, because I just can't take black coffee. The way I make my coffee these days is to heat a cupful of Trader Joe's cream-top milk and, essentially, make "milk with coffee."

                          1. For hot coffee, I generally prefer it black (especially for good beans and/or a dark roast) though occasionally, I will have it with a splash of cream (particularly when it is a light coffee). If the coffee is on ice, I like it with 2% milk.

                            1. I prefer medium (or even light) roasted coffee and drink it black. Sometimes i do ask for hot milk or steamed milk (frothy), never sugar. Yum.

                              1. I drink mine with a tbsp or two of honey and a fair amount of So Delicious coconut creamer in French vanilla. Not quite was someone would call light/sweet.

                                I prefer the darker roasted beans.

                                1. As Kahlua, candies, chocolate covered beans, mocha almond fudge ice cream, or any other way than in a cup to drink. Never got the taste for coffee as a drink, but love it as a flavor in other items.

                                  1. By preference, strongly brewed medium roast with a reasonable amount of half-and-half, freshly ground beans.

                                    In practice, I can't get half-and-half, so I drink it with fake creamer (the liquid stuff, not the powder). Milk isn't thick enough to give the right cream/bitter balance. If I can't get brewed coffee, I"ll go with an Americano (usually listed as American Style on the menu).

                                    For iced coffee, black if it's of sufficient quality, creamy otherwise, but no sugar. And occasionally an iced sugar laden concoction from STarbucks, topped with whipped cream, but I classify that is dessert, not coffee.

                                    1. Black, with sugar to taste.

                                      1. My favourite meal of the day, the morning coffee!

                                        Usually but not always I make it my preferred way:

                                        Light roast beans, freshly ground with a bit of cinnamon. Placed in a French press with a pinch (or of late a grind of pink salt I received for my birthday) of salt. Usually enough to make it fairly strong (maybe 3/4 cup or somewhere in that rough vicinity.... my grinder's maximum capacity whatever that is lol.... to 4 cups water, microwaved 2min 30sec). Brewed for 3 minutes, then strained back into the pyrex measuring cup (the designated coffee pot lol) and sweetened with 2/3 cup of sugar, vanilla sugar on special occasions or just plain sugar plus a bit of vanilla extract, and about half of the time I add a spoonful of cocoa powder. I sweeten the whole pot like this because we like some cold coffee later in the day and it's easier to sweeten the coffee when it's hot. I then fill my coffee cup 2/3 of the way with coffee, then depending on what I have in the fridge my preferred combination is to fill the rest of the way with a mix of about half whole milk and half heavy cream, but I don't always have heavy cream in which case it's just whole milk.

                                        My husband usually has one cup and I generally drink the rest of the pot. Every so often I end up brewing two pots in a day due to my habit (by the by the world seems to vibrate sometimes, anybody else notice that?.... lol). This works out well for the following morning, because any time I have to brew a second pot luckily we don't finish it, and I get cold coffee in the morning :D

                                        lol hey, you asked!

                                        1. 90% coffee/10% milk, really hot, no sugar.

                                          1. Instant. Splash of milk. Level teaspoon of sugar.

                                            1. Hot!!... With Chicory and little bit of cream.

                                              1. i like my coffee to taste like proper coffee: double espresso. strong, thick, and black.
                                                same with my tea. very strong and nothing added. must be leaf tea and pure (as in not blended/floor sweepings).

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                                                  +1 Black hot, black cold, black iced. Same with tea.

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                                                    + 1 black with Pata_Negra, kimfair1, and Panch0 ( the original poster ).

                                                    Hot black strong fresh ground coffee. The sound of the grinder bashing beans is part of my ritual waking up one or two days a week. Today is Starbucks Sumatra. Sometimes have coffee black on ice. When a kid did the way too much sugar and cream thing. Every once in a while when in the fridge put in a touch of milk just so the color changes. Whip cream, ice cream, chocolate milk, cookies, doughnuts, flavored creamer, and sugar were experimented with in my coffee more when younger. Dunking in coffee brings back good memories. Have liked coffee black mostly since my early 20s. Home-made Kahlua with black coffee and vodka tastes good. Also like making home made coffee ice cream. I have even been known to make coffee cheese cake, gram cracker crust, sometimes topped with chocolate syrup and / or berries.

                                                    Tea usually hot. Sometimes with local honey to help me build immunity to minimize my allergies in the summer. Today is tasty FOOJOY China Black Tea from the Beaverton, OR Asian market on the other side of the street by the Beaverton Bakery next to the parking lot. Sometimes drink iced tea while drank so much in Florida when the water tasted bad it darkened my teeth so now don't drink tea or coffee every day.

                                                    Ice water is what I drink most.

                                                2. Used to drink it black. Then I gave it up for Lent one year. Now, two teaspoons sugar and a goodly splash of 2% milk. Or, as my wife (who came to coffee late in life) puts it: "I drink kiddie coffee."

                                                    1. Strong, black and with a shitload of Splenda (I know, I know...).

                                                      1. coffee at home--black
                                                        Coffee in a restaurant that uses china or porcelain or ironstone cups/mugs, black with 1/2 sweet n low to sweeten the cup and mask the detergent taste, no sweetener added on refills.

                                                        Coffee to go, or served in paper or styrofoam cups, black

                                                        Above applies to hot coffee

                                                        Iced coffee, cream or half and half and one sweet n low

                                                        1. Black, with a splash of cold water or an ice cube. Six times a day.

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                                                            that's me too, except not six times a dat,

                                                          2. Oh my god, after years of fine tuning, I have my coffee down to an art and a science. I buy a bag of light roasted coffee from a local Mediterranean Foods store -- which gets it from el-Sahadi.... I believe? A wholesaler in Brooklyn. I buy a bag once every two or three weeks, and the shop owner grinds it for me. *source*

                                                            I have a little stove top espresso pot, and I brew a pot first thing in the morning when I get up, right after my shower. Then I heat up my milk. I get raw milk once a week from a local farm, and when you open up a new jar and you shake it all up but you still get a lot of cream when you pour your milk.... oh my. I fill my coffee cup half full of milk, heat it in the microwave one minute, and then fill the other half with coffee. Then I sprinkle ground coriander on it. And I drink it. Nothing else -- the milk is enough of a sweetener, I find.

                                                            My coffee is very ritualistic. I always make one pot, which gives me two cups of coffee in the morning, and I allow myself no more. I have to use my special (old and chipped) coffee cup. I started the coriander thing about two years ago -- I was told that cardamom is good with coffee, I used coriander by mistake -- but I really, really liked it, so I kept it.

                                                            When I have to go to work early, I will wake up extra early in the morning just so that I can have my coffee time (I have a regular breakfast as soon as I'm done with my coffee). When I go on trips, I take my entire coffee apparatus with me. When I stayed over at a boyfriend's, he was quite taken aback, and dismayed at my chipped coffee cup in particular.

                                                            Every morning when I wake up, I look forward to this. I am not an OCD personality at all. Only in this area of my life.

                                                            Half stove top espresso, half warmed raw milk with possible cream in it, with coriander sprinkled on top, in my chipped coffee cup. Two cups in the morning. Such is bliss.

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                                                            1. I like the candy coffees, meaning the flavored ones that have fallen out of favor (hazelnut, creme brulee, toffee, etc.) and black. I like some of the fancier flavored and sweetened creams to stir in, be they dry or liquid, but they're fattening, so I only do those on the weekends.

                                                              1. This time of year, iced. Cold-brewed in french press, overnight. Served over ice cubes.

                                                                I use Starbucks french roast from Costco. Sometimes I splurge and get Rte. 66 beans from Mischa's coffee house and give them the same cold brew treatment.

                                                                In the colder months, same deal only brewed the regular way in the morning and drunk black.

                                                                1. shot of espresso, one turbinado sugar cube, hot half & half in a rustic italian wine class

                                                                  1. I've been trying different beans, starbucks breakfast blend, Peets house roast (?), dunkin, a couple others... my favorite at Wegmans was discontinued a while back and I haven't found the perfect replacement yet. BUT whatever I'm using, I grind it fresh each morning. I make just enough for my 1 big cup before I dash out the door. I add 1 T splenda and 2 T Irish cream flavor creamer.

                                                                    I do drink it sweet and black sometimes, but it has to be really good coffee - or my creamer has to be unavailable. :)

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                                                                      Black on black. Jacobs Kronung in a french press.

                                                                    2. Strong (but not a dark roast), 3-4 sugar cubes, loads of cream (35% cream, not milk).

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                                                                          I like coffe first thing in the morning about 1/3 milk and 2/3 strong coffee. No sugar. In the evening if I am having some rich sweet dessert, I like it black. My husband likes it with a lot of brown sugar or honey and cream. We also both get the vietnamese iced coffee when we are eating pho.

                                                                        2. Light roast, brewed strong, black, and hot.

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                                                                            Ditto. With a side of the morning's newspaper. That's my 1st hour of the day.

                                                                          2. Dark roast, black, hot. Don't ever dilute my caffeine with cream; and as much as I like sweet, coffee with sugar is not coffee.

                                                                            1. I like it black w/a splash of water or an ice cube.

                                                                              At *Bucks I get a venti no-fat, no-foam latte and put sweetner

                                                                              1. Coffee-flavored half-and-half, no sweetener.

                                                                                1. One pot in a. m. Dark roast (no flavorings please) fairly strong, some half and half, no sweetener.

                                                                                  I often get McDonald's iced coffee and get the cream on the side. Some times I add a tiny bit of sugar.