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Aug 17, 2011 12:16 AM

Frankfurt Airport -> Train -> Mainz (Or Koln) -> Dusseldorf: Best bet for lunch?

Hi Chows,
Will be landing in Frankfurt at 11:20AM this Friday and then making my way to Dusseldorf.
I can either stop in between at Mainz or Koln, will be taking the longer/cheaper train there to save a bit of dough for lunch :-)
Where should I stop for lunch? I think my choices are:
- Pick something up at the FRA airport (I believe that the grocery store there is my best bet?)
- Pick something up around the train station Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf [street vendors nearby?)
- On my stopover in Mainz/Koln grab a bite near the train station
- Eat on the train (pictures don't look bad)
- Wait until I get to Dusseldorf if I can




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  1. Definitely check out the grocery store on the bottom floor of the Frankfurt Airport. Great sandwiches (ham with cheese and egg is the standard), there is also a bakery, and usually someone selling the ubiquitous "rindswurst" (a sliced sausage served with fresh horseradish, mustard and a bun - not to be missed, but I don't like the cheese version). I know that may not be appetizing after a red eye though. There is lots of other stuff to check out too. Beer and wine also available, but try the Frankfurt / Hessen specialty - Apfelwein (tart dry Apple wine). Get a selection for the train ride, which is a fantastic way to travel (WAY better than flying).

    The area around city train stations is usually a little dodgy, so... Winter street food can be very good (potato pancakes and onion tarts - mmm), but summer is mostly sausage stands.

    Can't help with Dusseldorf, but know some really good stuff in Grevenbroich (20km SW) if you're headed that way.