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Aug 16, 2011 09:27 PM

Coffee along I-85?

Several years ago I posted a question about places to eat along I-85 through NC, SC, and GA, and I also asked if there was a listing somewhere of Starbucks or other coffee shops at highway exits.

Note that I do not have a GPS or a smart phone so an app is no help to me. The book "The Next Exit" looks promising but I don't have time to order it.

Anyone know of a WEBSITE with this info??

Yours in caffeinated driving,


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  1. There is a Starbucks at the Salisbury exit and the Concord/Kannapolis exit on I 85.

    1. The Starbucks website has a locator function. They also advertise on those exit signs .

      1. There is a good one called Bella Latte off exit #63 on I-85 in SC. If you are going north, get off exit and turn left toward Duncan. Drive-thru only, but great coffee.

        Bella Latte
        1300 E Main St, Duncan, SC 29334