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Aug 16, 2011 08:56 PM

Has Anyone Eaten at Lily's on Hopkins in Berkeley Lately?

I've read some mixed reviews of Lily's Chinese restaurant on Hopkins and was wondering if anyone had any recent experience there. I'm not expecting anything fancy, but is it at least OK or is it terrible/dirty? (Yelp is divided.) I'm looking for a place to walk/scooter with my 2 young kids after swim lessons at King. I'm dairy-free, so Gioia isn't an option.

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  1. Not lately. You may remember that old Tears for Fears song Memories Fade (but the scars still linger...) I haven't been back in a few years. Will Gioia make you a cheese-free pie if you order in advance? Magnani can make you some nice sandwiches, and they have fried and roasted chickens.

    1. It's definitely OK. I like their wonton soup: the wontons are huge, the broth is good, and there's a lot of spinach. I've also had decent Mu Shu Pork, and I actually really like the lemon chicken when I'm in a nostalgic "Chinese like Mom used to order" mood. I wouldn't call it dirty, but I would avoid the steam table. Service is always friendly, I bet it would be a good place to take young kids.

      1. It's been a few years. In the past it was greasy and the vegetables didn't seem fresh. When my son was younger we occasionally bought pork buns to go. Magnani has decent tamales.