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Aug 16, 2011 08:49 PM

Corn Dogs?

I have been seeing some very funny pictures of the Republican Presidential candidates indulging in corn dogs in Iowa (Google WILL laugh). The result is that I am now craving a corn dog (if that is possible) and I'm hoping someone can direct me to the best damn corn dog in Philly (if that too, is possible).

This whole episode also reminded me of the John Kerry cheesesteak fiasco. When will politicians learn to stay away from food when the cameras are around?

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  1. Looking at, there is a picture of a corn dog at Moe's Hot Dog House in Greys Ferry. However when I look at their website its not listed on their menu.

    I dont remember seeing them that often at hot dog places around Philadelpha (Johnny's Hots, Hot Diggity, ). Maybe they are more of a church fair thing around here.

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    1. re: cwdonald

      Moe's was the first place that I thought of, however I do see corn dogs on the menu on their website ($2.25).

      So, I may have to reduce my search from the best damn corn dog in Philly to the ONLY corn dog in Philly.

    2. Is it a great photo lol. I'm a fan of the mini corn dog bites at A & W at the Deptford Mall. A fast food guilty pleasure.

      1. Hot Diggity! will be offering corn dogs as one of their "Hot Dogs of the Month" soon

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        1. re: kgarabed

          Did a bit more digging... National Mechanics has one on their menu.

          There is an old article on corn dogs in philadelphia: